TOP 10 Fashion Secrets in Ljubljana


Ljubljana is without a doubt a trendy city. It might not be a fashion capital such as Paris, Milan, New York, or London, but Ljubljana does boast itself with amazing fashion and design stores.

Explore the world of fashion and design in Ljubljana and treat yourself to an amazing piece of clothing or furniture.

Viktor Barlič

Since opening their store on Mestni trg in 1954 Viktor Barlič and his family have been crafting top-quality handmade leather products. Today, and winners of the prestigious Ljubljana Quality Award, they continue to design and manufacture unique handbags along with other leather accessories that combine traditional craft methods with modern fashion trends. Their products are made in Slovenia, using the best quality Italian leather. Also in their collection is a range of women’s footwear that has been carefully selected from other small European shoemaking masters.


The Cliché brand incorporates a strong sense of style and is intended for the trendsetting, fashion-savvy individual with a high FQ (Fashion Intelligence Quotient). It is known especially for superior quality, innovative design, and usability. The unique products are made with great care and devotion in Slovenia and the EU. The high-tech fabrics are both unique and timeless and can easily be mixed and matched with pieces from previous collections. Cliché pieces of clothing enable the modern woman to reveal her fabulous true self.


Nama,the oldest department store in Ljubljana, is situated in the very heart of the capital. Ever since 1946 NAMA has been one of the sights of Ljubljana and the old town’s favourite shopping centre, thanks to its great location and friendly staff. The department store stands right in the centre of Ljubljana, where the main street meets the most popular promenade. Nama offers a variety of trendy and elegant brands, both Slovene and foreign.

Source: Delo

Lepe stvari

The moment you step into Lepe Stvari you’ll be greeted like an old friend. Their warmth and kindness is a reflection of owner Nina Kuhar, whose vision was to create a business where ‘Beautiful Things’ (as the name translates) are available in an environment that’s more than just a fashion boutique. Their stock is made up from Italian designers, such as Guardaroba, Aniye By and Stockton, and also from other European labels. Lepe Stvari is conveniently located behind the Slovene National Theatre, making it easily accessible for those wishing to revamp their wardrobe or take a new direction in style.

Tina Design

Slovenian designer of unique jewelry and products Tina Vehovar is also known for its brand name TINA Design, which has become an increasingly established brand. Her products are extravagant, distinctive and unique. She likes to design and combine materials in her own, unique way. She manufactures jewelry for special occasions and she strives to meet even the most unusual wishes. Apart from the unique jewelry, her offer also includes handbags and other accessories, home decor and gifts. Nevertheless, what she finds the most rewarding in her work is a happy customer who likes to come back.


Fashionista visiting Ljubljana have to visit the store called ZOOFA, where you will be able to shop pieces from some of the best Slovenian fashion designers and even meet them in real life, as they often hang out in the store. They will be more than happy to show you their pieces from the new collections or even help you style your outfit.

TejaJeglichDesign Atelje

TejaJeglichDesign website enables you to create a handbag by choosing your own combination. We want to ensure the shortest possible delivery time, so you can order our newest creations on-line and have them delivered in a few days. Visit our studio at Petkovškovo nabrežje 31. We would love to design a product according to your wishes. We offer unique handmade creations from high-quality materials with carefully chosen patterns. You can choose colours, designs and materials that best suit your taste.

Optika Babnik

Located near Drama theatre under arcades Optika Babnik Optic Shop offers over 55 years of experience, advanced solutions, individual approach and complete maintenance to provide the very best eye care for all the family. Whether you’re looking for a sight test, specialist lenses, considering contact lenses or looking for the very latest sunglasses you can rest assured that you will receive an unsurpassable level of care, advice and products to truly maximise your vision.

Zlatarstvo Kodre

At the studio you will find a vast selection of unique and artistic jewelry, created by the hands of Slovenian designers and, of course, jewelry designs from a series of precious metals. Kodar’s Zlatarski studio is different in many ways, the jewelry is modern and above all the production and quality are of the highest level. Artistic jewelry always stands out and you can use it to emphasize your style. Your chosen piece projects your image and reflects your personality, because jewelry is chosen first for the person and then for the occasion.

Galerija Emporium

Galerija Emporium is a luxury department store, located on an exclusive spot in the center of Ljubljana – Prešeren Square.  A perfect mixture of tradition and contemporary design, following extravagant department stores in Paris, New York, and London, Galerija Emporium is true fashion heaven. It offers 5 floors of high fashion clothes, accessories, and shoes for women, men and children.