Benedetti Life among the top 13 most luxurious vegan brands in the world


Magazine Upscale Living has posted a list of top 13 most luxurious vegan brands in the world today. Slovenian fashion brand Benedetti Life was featured on the list as one of the most luxurious vegan brands in the market.

Slovenian fashion brands are following the trend of sustainability and converting their brands to be more environmentally friendly. The most recognizable Slovenian fashion designer in the field of sustainability is Matea Benedetti with her fashion brand Benedetti Life.

Photo: Rok Petelin

Benedetti Life a Slovenian luxurious and sustainable fashion brand

Matea Benedetti – Slovenian one of a few sustainable fashion designers who is often linked to the concept of beauty, luxury, and innovation.

The Upscale Living Magazine wrote about Benedetti Life as one of the top most luxurious vegan fashion brands on the market today: ” Luxury fashion brand Benedetti Life was established by the Slovenian fashion and costume designer Matea Benedetti, aimed to create a luxury brand to transform the fashion industry and help save the planet. Benedetti Life is PETA approved and has been awarded a Butterfly Mark by Positive Luxury and proudly presents collections inspired by an animal series on the verge of extinction – the current collection is dedicated to Amazon parrots. By emphasizing the coexistence of luxury aesthetics and sustainable production practices, Benedetti Life is produced locally in Slovenia and only uses non-toxic and organic textiles. Two standouts from this collection are the single-breasted bodice Parrot Women’s Jacket (€948.70) with a vegetable ivory button and the Parrot Oversize Bomber (€865.00) with bamboo jersey sleeves. Matea is passionate to combine a “green spirit with design to inspire responsible behavior through beauty and luxury” and shed light on species under threat from human activity to create the next generation of sustainable luxury lifestyle.

About Matea Benedetii

Matea Benedetti is a Slovenia based fashion designer, who started her career as a costume designer for opera houses and theatres. In 20 years of experience, she gained international recognition because of her creative and innovative work. Her works were featured in fairs and shows in Milan, Paris, Los Angeles, Kuwait, and Singapore, among other locations. Throughout her successful career as a costume designer she demonstrated her passion for sustainable fashion through her creative work, and in 2014 she started experimenting with her first ecological fashion brands.VOGUE ITALIA selected it as one of the TOP 20 most promising Eco-friendly clothing brands in the world in the same year. She was more and more determined to establish a global luxury brand engaged with the environment, to use the power of beauty and quality of her garments that goes beyond what the eye can see. Since 2017 she has put her costume designer career on stand by to focus solely on the development of the Matea Benedetti sustainable luxury fashion brand. Matea is also a motivational speaker advocating avoiding the polluting patterns of the fashion industry. Matea strongly believes in a healthier, more socially responsible and more environment-friendly world. Her goal is to be a part of the bigger picture – one that places humanity on a higher level of consciousness with respect to nature and all forms of creation.