Solve the mysteries with escape room Enigmarium


Escape from your room to the virtual escape room game Island during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Escape Room Enigmarium has prepared an online escape room game called “Island”. Why online? Because we all know we have to #stayhome! We are sure this online escape room will keep you or your kids busy for a while. Join the online escape room for free now!

Each day (between 1pm and 3pm), you will receive one chapter by email, which you will unlock with the code from the previous chapter. The story is very tense!

In addition to a great party, next Monday, they will draw a prize winner from all players (a gift certificate and a betatestation of our new Circus game, which is being prepared in Ljubljana). Everyone who solves the puzzles until the last task is waiting for a small gift.

PS: We don’t have to communicate the solution in l-time – at the right time, they will merge into one final solution at the end.

Want to participate in our game? Sign up, the first order will be waiting for you in your mailbox on Monday between 2pm and 3pm!

Join the mysteries and uncover the clues, here.