The Slovenian pavilion for EXPO 2020 in Dubai


Dubai will host EXPO 2020, where Slovenia will also be represented with its very own pavilion. Check out below how the Slovenian pavilion at the EXPO 2020 in Dubai will look like.

EXPO 2020 is a World Expo, which will be hosted by Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. EXPO 2020 Dubai will be officially open on October 20, 2020, and it will be accepting visitors will April 10, 2021. More than 190 countries and some 27 million visitors are expected to participate in the event.

The motto behind this year’s EXPO 2020 Dubai is “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future“. The subthemes for EXPO 2020 are opportunity, mobility, and sustainability. The three subthemes are also known as the three key pillars that will guide us on our journey through EXPO 2020 in Dubai.

On the presentation of Slovenian pavilion EXPO 2020 Dubai wrote about Slovenia: ” The world’s only country with ‘love’ in its name will highlight its healthy lifestyle, natural beauty, and tourism possibilities.”

Slovenian pavilion for the EXPO 2020 in Dubai

Slovenian lace and potica cakes within a ‘floating forest’

The selected concept of a three-storied structure was created by the architecture firm Magnet Design and will present Slovenia as a green oasis in Europe as well as in the desert during the exhibition, held in the United Arab Emirates.

The structure in the Sustainability District will make innovative use of glass, steel, and water to give visitors the impression they are surrounded by a forest suspended in the air. Slovenian pavilion will be located by the entrance of the key pillar (district) of Sustainability. Therefore, if you will want to visit the Slovenian pavilion you surely won’t have a hard time finding it.

Themed the ‘Smart Green Cloud’, the Slovenia Pavilion will use elements of water, nature, and technology to engage all five senses and give visitors an in-depth view of Slovenian culture.

Populated by Slovenian plant species, the ‘floating forest’ will be topped off by a sieve-dome that resembles a parasol. The design is inspired by the revered architect Jože Plečnik, whose iconic works including the Triple Bridge live on today in the nation’s capital of Ljubljana.

The ground floor’s theme will be water, presenting the country’s sea, rivers, lakes, and particularly drinking water. Water will be surrounding the central part or a market with the four cardinal points marked on the floor, representing Slovenia’s position at the nexus of transport routes. The first floor will be showcasing Slovenia’s forests, with green plants climbing the wooden rim of the structure. The plants will be kept cold and hydrated during the event, providing cooling refreshment for visitors.

The exhibition space and its contents will walk visitors through the central European nation’s high quality of life, its green economy, boutique destination offerings, and niche innovations.

Besides enjoying traditional music and dance, visitors may wish to pick up intricate Slovenian lace items or olive oils. Travel enthusiasts can also check out the diverse ways to enjoy a holiday in Slovenia, from spas and skiing to golf and farm tourism.

The story of the nation will unfold in the pavilion’s smart space, which links to the visitor via a smartphone app, enabling a personalized experience and sensory integration.

After taking in artworks by Slovenian painters, sculptors and designers, visitors can sample national sweet treats such as potica cake pastries. A special water bar will present a choice of Slovenian mineral waters, while a VIP salon located on top of the green cloud will be an ideal space for business meetings and events.

The second floor, intended for VIP visitors, will be presenting the Slovenian economy. The pavilion’s roof is set to be designed as a sieve, to honor the long tradition of making woodenware products in the town of Ribnica, in the south of Slovenia.

Slovenian pavilion for the EXPO 2020 in Dubai

Source: EXPO 2020 & Magnet Design

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