Pristava lake


A top-rated fishing destination

46.565805, 15.766537

Lake Pristava, also known as Šikerjev pond, because of the famous Šiker inn, which has called the lake’s surroundings home for quite a couple of centuries. The owners of the land on which the lake stands were the dukes of Herberstein, and the lake itself was meant for fishing.

THE Slovenia Lakes

It is considered a top-rated fishing destination in this day and age, for in its water has been found one of the most giant catfish in all of Slovenia. The lake is also essential for overwintering migratory birds.

The lake is surrounded by a walking path, which is dotted by benches meant for resting and admiring nature. A giant swing will plainly put a smile on the faces of children, both large and small.

Source: THE Slovenia Lakes

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