Top Slovenian wine: Cviček


Cviček is a special Slovenian wine from Dolenjska region. Why is Cviček so special you might ask? Well, read the article and find out why Cviček is one of the top Slovenian wines.

Slovenia is a country of good-quality wines. The Slovenian wine region is divided into three parts. This week we take you on a virtual trip to Dolenjska region, where we will discover one of the top Slovenian wine – Cviček.

Cviček has made the wine-growing of Dolenjska famous across Europe and has claimed a spot as a Slovenian wine ambassador next to Karst Teran. 

This unique Slovenian wine has evoked mixed feelings between Slovenians. Some of them love it, others are not that fond of it.

Cviček – the pride of Dolenjska region

Cviček is one of the top Slovenian wines. Cviček comes from the Lower Carniola region of Slovenia, which is also known as Dolenjska.

Doelnjska is located in the south-east of Slovenia and it is home to first-rate vines which have been thriving for centuries and give excellent wines together with the love of winegrowers. If you ever embark on a trip to Dolenjska the odds of coming across Cviček are actually pretty high and we recommend your try a glass.

About Cviček

Cviček is a unique sort of wine as it is composed of different grape varieties, which includes white and red grape species. Usually, the composition of Cviček includes at least four grape varieties,  of which more than two-thirds are red and almost a third are white wine varieties. These can be blended as grapes, must or wine, but at the second settling of wine at the latest. The main varieties used in Cviček are Red Žametovka and White Kraljevina, but it also contains Blue Franconian, Blauer Portugieser, Welschriesling or Rumeni plavec.

The main ingredient of Cviček is Žametna Črnina, which composes 45% of Cviček. It generally is an old wine type that requires a lot of sunlight. Žametna Črnina does not contain a high amount of sugar, which means it provides Cviček with acidic qualities as one of the basic components.

Modra Frankinja or Blue Franconian or Blue Frankish wine is another sort that makes up Cviček and gives it its full and distinctive flavor.

Kraljevina is then added to the mixture to make up the Cviček wine. Kraljevina is known as a variety of white wine and its main “goal” is to change the acidity level of Cviček, making it more drinkable if you will.

Sometimes Laški Rizling is also added to the Cviček mix. Laški Rizling is also known as Italian Riesling.

Cviček has a “relatively” low alcoholic content, which ranges between 8,5 % up to 10 %. Cviček is actually a dry and noticeably sour red wine.

Health benefits of Cviček

We all know red wine has certain health benefits. Red wines usually have a relatively low level of sugar and low alcohol levels. Therefore, Cviček can be drunk by people who have been diagnosed with diabetes.

Cviček also reduces cardiovascular risks, promotes metabolism and can actually prevent insomnia and strengthen your bloodstream. Regular consumption of red wines such as Cviček have been claimed to prevent heart attacks. Several studies have concluded that regular consumption of red wine such as Cviček improves the antioxidant activity of the blood and prevents the aggregation of blood platelets.

A glass of Cviček a day keeps the doctor away. Cheers!

For all the ladies out there, let us tell you that Cviček is also anti-aging. Cviček can also help with a weight loss diet, replacing some of the carbohydrates in your daily meal with cucumber and reducing the amount of fat in your body. As if you needed more excuses to try Cviček, right?

Protection of Cviček

Dolenjska is reigned over by Cviček with a protected composition of red and white varieties. Cviček is the only wine in the world with a wine composition protected by law.

Since 2001 Cviček has been legally protected both within Slovenia and the EU, as a product of traditional denomination, meaning that only wine produced in the Dolenjska region in accordance with official specifications can be labeled as Cviček. As you can see Slovenians take their Cviček very seriously.

For those of you who are interested in learning more about the history and production of Cviček in Dolenjska region, there is something of a holy trinity of sites that are easily accessible to visitors: the Embassy of Cviček in Raka, which was built for the purpose of promoting the wine; Vinska Klet Krško, which is by far the largest producer; and the wine cellar at the Božidar Jakac Gallery in Kostajevica Monastery, which is widely considered the birthplace of Cviček.

Celebration of Cviček in Slovenia

Did you know there is actually a celebration in Dolenjska region dedicated to Cviček?

In May, the traditional Cviček Week is held in Novo mesto. In the framework of the Association of Viticultural Societies of Dolenjska, the Cviček Court is chosen, and the King, Princess and Ambassadors of Cviček are crowned.

The celebration of St Martin’s Day is the greatest wine holiday, observed throughout Slovenia. Don’t miss the St Martin’s Day Celebration in Dolenjska in Novo mesto. Toast with the new wine, pay tribute to wine tradition and treat yourself to the Cviček of local producers.

Source: Slovenska turistična organizacija