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Slovenia is a small country, but in recent years it has made a big name for itself in the world of wine. Slovenia is now considered to be one of the top wine destinations in the world. Check out our wine partners!

The country’s three distinct wine regions (and their nine constituent districts) produce a wide variety of wines, from the earthy reds of Mediterranean Primorska to the sweet whites of Podravje in the northeast to the limitless supply of refreshing cviček of Posavje in the southeast. Below is our selection of Slovenia’s top winemakers.


The House of Vines, Wine and Chocolate originates in the family tradition of wine making and wine growing dating back to the end of the 19th century. The foundation of the current home were constructed by Anton Kunej, who also managed to seed the respect and love for wine growing and farm work into the younger generations and set an example as a good master.

Puklavec Family

The Puklavec family’s love for wine can be tracked back to 1934 in Slovenia. Martin Puklavec had a vision: to make the finest wines together. This philosophy continues to resonate through the family’s wine making today. Puklavec Family Wines are driven by the core values of passion, hard work and dedication to quality. Vladimir Puklavec and his two daughters, Tatjana and Kristina all work together, alongside the other winegrowers, with the determination to continue the pursuit of their (grand)father’s vision.

Puklavec Family Wines are produced in the heart of Ljutomer-Ormož, a wine area in the Podravje region, in the North-Eastern part of Slovenia. This area provides the perfect microclimate conditions for grape growing. The result is elegant wines, crafted with uncompromising and passionate attention to detail, beautifully balanced and as expressive as the landscape of our vineyards.

Radgonske gorice

The stock company Radgonske gorice is a renowned producer of superior wines. The wines are produced from grapes, which grow in the hilly and sun-exposed vineyards of the region of Slovenske gorice, between the rivers Ščavnica and Mura, where the alpine and Pannonian climates meet, giving the wine its special quality and freshness. In their cellar, they have been filling Radgona Gold made by the classic method or “méthode champenoise« since 1852, when the name “Styrian sparkling wine« was first published in the newspaper “Bleiweisove novice”. They further produce silver sparkling wine by the tank method or charmat process, Traminer wine with its famous black label, an autochthonous variety of Radgona: the Ranina wine, as well as other choice wines.

Šoster vina

At Šoster winery they produce eco and bio dynamic wines.

Guštin vina

The story of Guštin wines dates back to 1898, when, at Nančka’s homestead in the village of Volčja Draga, Joachim Žižmond, or Guštin to his friends, began writing his story. In his early youth, grandfather Guštin planted his first vines, first a Merlot and then a Malvasia. There was no shortage of good wine in his cellar and he always said


In 1847, Mihael and Carolina Jakončič gave new birth to their winery. They planted their first compact vineyard in Kozana and with this deed, consciously or not, chose the paath for their winery. They wanted to expand the assortment of products as they felt that the winemaking of Goriška brda was becoming a profitable activity.

New roads and new railways were built, and new markets were being opened. At that time nobody suspected that vineyards would be attacked by phylloxera. Wars followed that pushed the family into difficult life conditions.

The monotonous buzz of a tractor somewhere in the vineyard is the only proof that modern technology may enter the world of traditional manual work, custom and knowledge passed on from one generation to another. Experiences from days gone past direct the impatience of the young and on our winery farm we are very proud that the children and parents together care for the vineyards, winemaking and marketing.

Vipava 1894

In the picturesque Vipava Valley in the west of Slovenia, where the Mediterranean south and continental Europe come together in a thrilling fashion – this is where you will find the cooperative winery Vipava – rich in tradition, founded in the year 1894.

The winery chronicle is quite colourful and inseparably bound together with the stormy history of the Vipava Valley itself. Since summer 2017 its viticultural destiny has been under the directorship of Austrian winemaker Hannes Sabathi from the Steiermark, and his Styrian/Slovenian team. With this, a new era has begun.

Vina UOU

Five vineyards in Solkan are located under the St, Catherine (Kekec) hill at an altitude between 110 and 180 metres above sea level. The vineyards cover an area of approximately 1, 35 ha. They face south-east and grow on flysch, also known as ‘opoka’ or ‘soudan’.

The consortium of abandoned vineyards with its ‘UOU’ trade mark honours the memory of the ox, a beast of burden which in the past was essential for the survival of the people in the Primorska region, who were just as strong, persistent and stubborn.

‘UOU’ natural wines require complete attention. Old vines and natural agriculture in connection with maturation in wooden barrels are a piece of the recipe which gives the wine its unique aroma with a distinctive body. Prolonged maceration and the consequent amber colour round up their fullness.

The position of Goriška Brda and the Vipavska dolina valley, together with lots of sunlight and the winemakers’ love of nature allow the grapes to flourish. Harvests done by hand and late in the year allow the white and amber wines to reach a higher quality that is being discovered by more and more wine lovers. All this is rounded up by the red sorts inviting the taste buds to try the old sorts.

Ptujska klet

The modern story of Ptuj Winery started at the beginning of of the 21th century when the cellar became a part of the PP Group, a local multinational company. A remastered wine philosophy was implemented, the wine cellar modernized and a joyful, modern and trendy wines with respect to tradition, showing the modern winemaking philosophy behind the dusty and old walls of history were created. Nowadays the Ptuj Winery it not only one of the most awarded wine cellars worldwide but also the one which sets trends in creating wine flavours and approaches for the future.

Nothing goes without love and passion. Everything we do, everything we create, we do because we believe that only with full commitment, passion and love, you can change the world and create with striving for perfection. We believe in the excellence of our wine-growing region, we believe in our commitment to excellent wine growers and our exceptional winemaker.

This is reflected in each and every glass of Pullus, Haložan, Pinky Chick and Petovia. In every drop of wine, we have invested at least two drops of sweat.


The largest wine producer in the Bizeljsko winegrowing district and one of the largest producers of sparkling wine in all of Slovenia, Istenič also holds the distinction of being the first private company in the country to produce sparkling wine using traditional methods.

Cesar vina

Prinčič vina

For generations, the Prinčič family farm in Kozana in the Goriška brda has nurtured the vine and created its noble product. The records go back to 1848, when fruits and vines were grown on the Prinčič farm. For generations, the tradition of cooperating with nature and preserving natural resources, producing a quality crop, was transmitted, which was started by Mihael and Katarina. Michael is nowadays used as a trademark of grapes harvested in special locations. The wines of this brand are refined in oak barrels: Michael white (chardonnay, sauvignon, rebula), Mihael rebula, Mihael red (merlot, cabernet sauvignon, blue pinot), sweet Michael (merlot, cabernet sauvignon). A big recognition of our effort is the silver medal for Mihael White 2005 at the Decanter World Wine Awards 2007.

The white wines are Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, and red wines matured in oak barrels give a pleasant roundness and depth. Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir … Wines produced on the Prinčič farm are drinkable, fruity, harmonious, full of minerals from the Brda earth. In short, the wines of the Prinčič family are poetry of the Brda land.

Vina Šerbinek

Šerbinek wines offer you a taste and purchase of quality and top quality wines, which they like to boast of being wines from the heart, since their vineyard is located in the very heart that the road draws between the vineyards.


The warm days and the cool air that flows into the vineyards at night from Pohorje fill our wines with a rich and full aroma and give them a pleasant fruity freshness. In every Fresher wine you can feel the wine-making and wine-making tradition of our area, which we have been developing for the seventh generation since 1832.

Zavod za turizem Vipava

The Vipava Valley produces outstanding whites and reds alike. Connoisseurs describe them as elegant and harmonious, with an ostensibly rich bouquet. Their other praised traits are freshness, fruitiness and smoothness. The characters of our wines reveal an unmistakable hint of historical winemaking tradition, infused with dashes of the younger generation’s contemporary approach. Natural farming is a staple of the region, and its progressive winemakers craft wines from organically grown grapes based on biodynamic principles.

Quite a number of varieties feel at home in the Vipava Valley, including eight old indigenous ones that are uniquely special in many ways. In addition to the whites and reds, the valley also offers rosé and contemporary orange wines.

Zlati Grič

In the middle of our vineyards is one of the most modern wine cellars. The subterranean building is 3.500 m2 big and has a capacity of 1.3 million liters. With its green roofing and only a few visible parts, it is nicely incorporated into the existing wine growing landscape. Their basic approach to winemaking is to preserve the taste and aroma of the grapes with as little as possible technological measures. During the tours they show technological processes, present the main characteristics of our wines and inspire their guests to stop by at their shop.

Vina Čuk

At the Cuk wine house only wines produced by the owner are sold. The extent of the vineyard is 2,5 Ha and it comprises 27.000 grape vines. The property is cultivated by the Cuk family. We are working with 5 white and 4 red wine varieties. These are the sorts: Welschriesling (or Italian Riesling), Rhine Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Noir, Zweigelt, Merlot and the Central European variety modra frankinja (Blue Franconian) . Every wine in the Cuk wine cellar is of top quality and is bottled.

Gjerkeš vina

Top quality wines and sparkling wines for your precious moments from Goričko. Visit the Gjerkeš Vineyard and try some of the best wines in the wine tasting room or in the courtyard under the old linden tree and hear the stories of wine, Goričko and Prekmurje. At the Gjerkeš Vineyard in a cozy and peaceful environment, we organize guided tastings for individuals and groups based on advance agreement and forecasts, and who wish to taste top quality wines when visiting Prekmurje and Goričko Landscape Park.


The ŠIRCA – KODRIČ trademark was born in 1992 through the hard work of Edvin ŠIRCA and Stane KODRIČ.


Vinska klet Frelih

The Frelih wine cellar is located in Dolenjska region. The sunny position, good soil and pleasant climate are best suited for the growth of traditional vines.

For decades, the tradition is the production of grapes and wines of the best quality. In addition to cviček, the special feature of Frelih wine cellar are sparkling wines, made with traditional method and aged in oak barrels.

Vina Gaube

Back in 2008 at Gaube they decided to construct a new wine cellar with the capacity of 60,000 litres, which presently tops the quantity produced on 8 hectares of our vineyeards. Focused on producing fresh and fruity wines, such as our Italian RieslingKernerPinot GrisGrüner Silvaner, Chardonnay, Rhine Riesling, Moscatel, Sauvignon, and of course the young wine called Prvenec (Debut), we mostly mature them in inox containers. One of our novelties is Rosé, a cuvée of Pinot Noir, Zweigelt, and Blue Franconian. The only variety matured in wooden barrels is their Pinot Noir, although it is offered on the market as a young, fresh wine.


While the name Ščurek may be di cult to pronounce for those who don’t speak Slovene, the wines that they produce in the postcard-perfect village of Medana in Goriška Brda are some of the best to be found anywhere in the country. 

Vineria Del Ponte

Started in December 2012 and located nearby the historic Bridge of Cobblers in the center of Ljubljana, Vineria del Ponte offers its customers the opportunity to taste and buy high-quality wines among from more than 400 labels, sourced from Slovenia and Italy. Here you can find what you are already familiar with or always try a new experience out of the large range of the Vineria.

Making customers feel at home with great warmth and hospitality: this is our mission at Vineria del Ponte. Chilling out on pleasant tasting and the cheerful nightlife are the ingredients that make of Vineria del Ponte a nice experience. Attendants are available to organize private parties and events according to your specific needs.

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Klet Krško

The Krško Wine Cellar resides in the Dolenjska winegrowing district, impressing since 1928 with quality and premium wines. We’re part of the Krško Agricultural Cooperative, its biggest organization-production unit, building on a wealth of local tradition, decades of experience, closeness to the land and application of modern technology, all of which make us a standout producer of quality wines as well as the leading brand of the best Cviček PTP.

Learn more about cviček, here.

Vinogradništvo Mulec

The passion for the production of excellent wine and respect for nature and the environment has passed on to us in the third generation. In addition to the love with which it is produced and modern technologies, the best southern positions of Ročica and Spodnji Vapor contribute to the high quality of the wine produced. So, in our 150-year-old cellar, ice picks, dry berries and red sparkling wine are also ripe. Satisfied faces of our visitors, as well as numerous medals and championship titles from the wine fairs of Slovenia, Austria and England, prove that the effort is not in vain.

Hiša stare trte

The Old Vine, the oldest vine in the world, resides in Maribor right at the centre of the old town. The Old Vine, with an age that spans over 400 years, won its place into the Guinness World Records by being the oldest noble vine in the world still bearing grapes; there is no room for doubt about this as experts have confirmed that it is indeed the oldest! From its clusters come the Žametovka, also known as Blaufränkisch, a variety of grape which masters annually squeeze for its precious juice. The Old Vine symbolizes the rich wine culture of Maribor and Slovenia, and finally the entire world. Today, descendants of this great vine are grown almost all over the world.

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