JRE International with new Vice-President


JRE International, the largest and most important international association of creative restaurateurs, appointed new members to the top positions of its management. Great ideas, passion and creativity have for the first time put a Slovenian member in the position of Vice-President of JRE International.

Gašper Puhan is the new Vice-President of JRE International. The appointment of the first Slovenian representative to such an important position in the umbrella organisation represents a milestone for Slovenian gastronomy. Gašper Puhan is leaving the position of the Chair of JRE-Slovenia halfway through his second term to take up the position of the Vice-President of JRE International. As an owner of several companies (including a haute cuisine restaurant, Galerija okusov), he has brought many years of business experience to the operation of JRE-Slovenia. In this way, over the years JRE Slovenia has established a clearer structure and development path.

Slovenia joined JRE in 2007 on the initiative of Chef Tomaž Kavčič and has since then been carrying an important message in the European context of respect for food, sharing experiences, promoting tradition through the innovation of talented individuals and preserving the environment, which is reflected in the highest quality of culinary experiences.

Over the years, JRE Slovenia has contributed to important developments in the Slovenian gastronomy sector, as evidenced by the successful inclusion of JRE’s international member, umbrella director Hans Van Mann, to the JRE Slovenia Board in 2021.

As JRE International points out, they believe that the good practices of the Slovenian business model represent a major development opportunity for all their international members. They welcome the arrival of Gašper Puhan (Slovenia) and see his supportive role to the President Daniel Lehmann (Switzerland) and the other board member Daniel Canziano (Italy) as a successful way to join new member countries, to gain new important partnerships and to implement new development projects that will provide even more added value and many new culinary stories to their members, partners and all visitors to JRE restaurants.

“In our projects, we place great importance on promoting all the key building blocks of gastronomy and Slovenia as an exceptional tourist, culinary, wine-growing and green destination. In the future, we will do even more to raise awareness of sustainable guidelines in our own operations, as well as among our guests, partners, suppliers, producers and farmers. Connections are key to delivering development strategies and change in the future,” explained Puhan.

As JRE International celebrates 50 years of existence next year, it will mark this important anniversary with a congress to be held in France, the country from which the idea originated.