TOP Wine Experience in Goriška Brda


Wine and Goriška Brda

Covering 72km² of rolling hills between the Soča River and Italian border, Brda is one of Slovenia’s foremost wine-growing areas and only an hour’s drive from Ljubljana. Often described as a miniature version of Tuscany, every hill seems to be topped with a large church (there are actually only 30 in all) surrounded by a charming little village, while the hillsides and valleys in between are blanketed with vineyards, orchards and winding country roads.

Aside from a few larger estates and one cooperative, most of the vineyards are smaller family-run operations, and almost all offer some combination of wine tastings, tours, meals, accommodation and of course wine sales. The region is also known for its traditional Italian-influenced cuisine, and a trip to Brda without enjoying a slow multi-course meal on a terrace overlooking the vineyards almost defeats the entire purpose. The tourist information office at Dobrovo Castle is well-stocked with multi-lingual maps, brochures and other literature, and a great place to start for first-time visitors.

TOP Wine Experience in Goriška Brda​:

Aleš Kristančič

Bjana Winery

Bužinel Winery

Dobrovo Castle

Gredič restaurant, vinothèque

Kabaj Winery

Klinec Winery

Marjan Simčič Winery

Medot Winery