klinec wine medana
klinec wine medana

Klinec winery

klinec wine medana

More than just a winery or tourist farm, the Klinec Homestead is a truly one of a kind place. The small family-run operation produces a range of exquisite organic wines and serves an array of mouth-watering seasonal dishes following traditional recipes and cooking methods of the Brda region. They also play a central role in Medana’s thriving arts scene, hosting well-known painters and sculptors for the week-long Medana Art Festival at the end of every October, while during the summer Klinec months there are numerous jazz concerts, film viewings and poetry readings taking place in the village. 

For the full local experience, try to reserve one of the three rustic rooms available for overnight guests, so you can wake up with rays of sunshine streaming through the curtains
and the smells of breakfast wafting in the air. A highly recommended destination indeed.

Medana 20, Dobrovo v Brdih
+386 40 66 33 22

Source: THE Slovenia WINE 2018



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Products made with love in Slovenia

Products made with love in Slovenia