What does Luka Košir think about the Michelin in Slovenia?


Luka Košir, one of the best and most original (not to mention talented) Slovenian chefs, has transformed Gostilna Grič into one of the most desirable goals of lovers of fine cuisine in Slovenia.

Today we asked Luka Košir what he thinks about the arrival of the Michelin Guide to Slovenia.

Luka Košir is the excellent chef behind Gostilna Grič. In the village of Šentjošt nad Horjulom is the delightful Gostilna Grič. Many places may claim the old ‘traditional food with a modern twist’, but Grič certainly delivers on that promise. It all starts with Luka Košir, one of the best young chefs in Slovenia, who earned his stripes under the mentorship of the famed Janez Bratovž at JB Restaurant. Luka has a simple philosophy “good ingredients make good food, and you do not need a silver spoon to eat it”.

Luka Košir from Gostilna Grič

THE: What do you think about the arrival of the Michelin guide to Slovenia?

Luka Košir: “I think it’s certainly very important for the attention of the rest of the world that we got Michelin, the fact that we are aware of it and that we don’t take it “too easily” is also important.”

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THE: What kind of an impact will the Michelin Guide have for Slovenian gastronomy?

Luka Košir: “The arrival of Michelin is an opportunity for the Slovenian gastronomic scene, where it will be necessary “to spit in your hands” (or get down to work) and finish the things in the best possible way. In any case, it seems to me that Michelin will also have to cater to consumers, and we cannot transcribe all the work here to the caterer (chef). Personally, it seems to me that Michelin will not be too generous with the stars for the first year, and I remain modest about it myself. The one who deserves it will certainly get it over time, there is no doubt about it.

We would like to thank Luka Košir for taking the time out of his busy schedule to talk to us!

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