Sunday Lunch at Pri Planinskem Orlu


THE Slovenia Sunday Lunch

Gostilna Pri Planinskem Orlu, Stahovica

Some years ago we got lost trying to take a shortcut through the mountains in a heavy rain storm and ended up following a convoy of cars, which serendipitously led us to this traditional family-run restaurant on the road to Kamniška Bistrica. Seeing that the parking lot was packed despite the weather, we vowed to return in the near future, and when we did so several weeks later, we weren’t disappointed. Popular with hikers, tourists and locals, Pri Planinskem Orlu (or the Mountain Eagle) specialises in local cuisine prepared according to traditional recipes and is especially known for its venison and other game dishes. If you fall in love with the idyllic natural surroundings and would like to make a holiday of it, there are several new guest rooms upstairs.

Contact: Gostišče Pri planinskem orl , Stahovica 20, 1242 Stahovic , Opening Hours: 10:00–22:00 (Mon–Fri/Pon–Pet), 10:00–24:00 (Sat/Sob), 10:00–20:00 (Sun/Ned) , More info: +386 1 832 54 10, www.priorlu.s , Chef: Janez Uršič.

Texts by Yuri Barron, Clare L. Charlesworth, Edited by Jana Studen