New The Slovenia Gastronomy 2021 guide


Dear foodies, we wish you “dober tek”! 

We have released the new Gastronomy guide 2021, despite the many restaurants being closed due to the global pandemic. We invite you to taste and feel Slovenia. Since 2008 we have published tons of guides and online content about Slovenia, however, this is the first time we can proudly write about Slovenia as a new European region of gastronomy with 6 Michelin stars!

We kindly invite you all to download our free Gastronomy guide 2021, here.

With the influx of English-speaking foreigners into Slovenia, we decided to write this guide in English to help more people access Slovenia’s countless gastronomic experiences. There is no more unique a place in Europe than Slovenia, sitting at the crossroads of great European cuisines from the Mediterranean and Karst, Pannonia and the Alps. 

This is also the home of the best female chef in the world in 2017, Ana Roš, as well as several Michelin starred restaurants, and our unique evaluation The Slovenia Restaurant Awards. Before we began The Slovenia Restaurant Awards, and this subsequent The Slovenia Gastronomy guide, we, along with many others, struggled to find local information in English about good food and the best restaurants.  To do this, we spent a year comparing international systems and talking to chefs, restaurateurs and experts, eventually coming up with a three-tiered system, consisting of an expert committee, the Gastronomic Academy, and the general public. After all of the voting, the result of our efforts was national and regional winners, finalists and a handful of recommended restaurants. 

This project could not have been completed without the great support of food experts, enthusiasts, sponsors and also the media. Another huge thank you must go out to the chefs, our expert committee and, of course, the foodies. We believe that you can use this guide on your culinary adventure of Slovenia. 

Discover the tastes of Slovenia in our new Gastronomy guide 2021, here.