The Slovenia Restaurant Awards 2020 voting is now live!


The Slovenia Restaurant Awards 2020 – voting is officially OPEN for the Gastronomy Academy! Chefs, restaurants and other gastronomy associates have you picked your favorite restaurants yet? Hurry up and vote now! 

At the Alpe Adria Fair we held a round table to announce the voting date of the TSRA 2020 event and new criteria for selection of the best Slovenian restaurants.

The voting for the general public will be open in March. Stay tuned for more information!

About The Slovenia Restaurant Awards

Carrying out a professional, independent and national selection of the best Slovenian restaurants is a project that has been maturing for quite some time and is now in its 4th year of running.

The increasing demand from tourists for reviews of Slovenian restaurants in foreign languages, and the fact that these reviews are a rarity even in Slovene, made us realise that the process of reviewing Slovene restaurants must begin as soon as possible. This is how The Slovenia Restaurant Awards were born. 

Thus, in early autumn 2016 we started the project TSRA with the help from some Slovenian enogastronomy, folklore and tourism experts. Now each year we organize an event, where we reveal all the best restaurants in Slovenia.

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Who is the selection of the best Slovenian Restaurants for?

Food and wine tourism is becoming the fastest growing sector of the tourism industry, both around the world and in Slovenia

A collection of the best restaurants in Slovenia can help tourists decide where to go when seeking new culinary horizons. The selection of the best Slovenian restaurants is also meant for the general Slovenian public – how many times do you think about going out for a nice family lunch on Sunday, but have no idea where to go?

The Slovenia Restaurant Awards and the selection truly is made by diners for diners, as we also invited you to cast your vote and give your opinion as the general public, along with a committee of experts and foodies.

What are the Restaurant selection criteria? 

The expert committee with their professional qualifications and personal experience prepare a comprehensive list of restaurants, which offer high quality food and service and cater a superior culinary experience. Slovenia is divided into four regions; Alpine, Mediterranean & Karst, Thermal Pannonian and Ljubljana and Central Slovenia

Each member of the expert committee must visit a restaurant they propose at least once in the last two years. On this basis the experts will form an assessment of “overall satisfaction” when visiting a restaurant.

#1 The restaurant must have been open for at least one year. Restaurants that were opened in 2018 will thus become candidates in 2020.

#2 The foods and beverages offered must be marked by diversity, quality of ingredients, presentation of dishes, consistency of flavours, innovation and appropriate coupling of food and drink.

#3 The level of service must be high, such as the greeting of guests, recommending food and beverages, as well as the knowledge of the staff.

The new edition of The Slovenia Restaurant Book

The by-product of The Slovenia Restaurant Awards (TSRA) is The Slovenia Restaurant Book, which features the very best in Slovenian dining, chefs and restaurants. We revealed the very best restaurants all over Slovenia in comprehensive guide to the best regional and national restaurants in Slovenia. In the book you will be able to read more about chefs like Ana Roš, Tomaž Kavčič, Janez Bratovž and many other best chefs from Slovenia. 

The book is a great guide for all food lovers who are looking for ideas on where to eat next. 

Purchase the book, here

The main event and ceremony will be held on May 5th at Evergreen in Smlednik. More information about The Slovenia Restaurant Awards 2020 will be announced soon!

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