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Blades and men have been strongly bound together throughout evo-lution. Other species had no need for sharp utensils since they were born with them. People, on the other hand, had to tame their environ-ment by using blades nature offered – rocks, trunks, horns, ebony, and later, upon discovery of iron, they managed to create one of the most important weapons. Iron provided hardness and endurance for cutting and chopping. With the addition of carbon and chrome, ma-terials of better quality were developed and made possible durability, flexibility, sharpness and rust resistance.

The use of blade made men’s life easier and helped us survive. The blade stands for progress – without it we could not shape objects or machines, and carve vegetables or fruit into particular shapes.

Today we cannot imagine any work done in the kitchen – be it home or professional – without proper tools. Cooking no longer stands for hard labour when preparing food for the family, but is a fun and social activity. Those who are truly in love with cooking (and those who wish to be) insist on the best tool. And the best tools can be found at OsterRob, a web store and a well stocked showroom based in Ljublja-na, Slovenia. They offer anything from high quality japanese kitchen knives, cutting boards, knife magnets and knife rolls. A professional and amateur chef’s paradise. Also on offer are a variety of classes, such as sushi, knife sharpening and fish preparation class and sharp-ening service for japanese and other knives.

Source: Gastronomy April 2019 / THE Slovenia

Showroom OsterRob
Tržaška cesta 2, Stara Tobačna, 1000 Ljubljana
Tel.Photo: Mitja Kobal +386 (0)31 261 172, www.osterrob.si, [email protected]

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Products made with love in Slovenia

Products made with love in Slovenia