Farm Pustotnik wins 3 silver medals at World Cheese Awards


Farm Pustotnik wins 3 silver medals at World Cheese Awards

In the past years cheeses have become a big part of our culinary culture – on plates of master chefs as well as in pantries of every good housewife – and we are glad, that quality wise Slovenia can stand alongside some of the strongest cheese making countries.

Last weekend Bergamo, Italy was the host of this years international cheese evaluation – The World Cheese Awards. The decision which of our cheeses would represent us the best this year was the hardest. Every one of us had a secret ‘’number one’’, and after a tough consideration we decided to give it a shot with three of them – mostly to see which one of us chose the winner.

Three silver medals at the world cheese awards

Cheese Kosec made from cow’s milk, got the tag ‘’house cheese’’ as its one of those that we make since the very beginning. The cheese is smear-ripened, which gives the cheese a stronger richer flavour as the it matures.


Goat cheese is one of those that’s loved among cheese lovers. It has a soft and creamy texture with a delicate aroma and full flavour.

Made from a mixture of goat and sheep milk cheese Kozovč has always been one of our specialities. Because of its unique taste and aroma, it’s perfect both for those who swear on stronger flavour as well as for those who like it more mellow.


Based on the judges scores, all three of them got enough points to be awarded with a silver recognition. This year is also the year we celebrate the 30th anniversary of cheese making on our farm and because of that this award means even more to us. With the support of our amazing employees and partner farms, who get the credit the highest quality milk (which is the most important for a good cheese), we continue a tradition, which put Slovenia on the world map as a ‘’cheese’’ county.

The world cheese awards

The world cheese awards is the biggest ‘’cheese-only’’ competition in the world that is brought to us by the Guild of Fine Food. Every year it takes place in another county and this year for the first time it was Italy, more specifically Bergamo. The competition was hosted by the traditional agriculture & cheese show FORME.

This years competition was bigger than ever. There were 3.804 cheeses from 42 countries and 6 continents. In one day a 260-member jury of experts from 35 countries, evaluated the appearance, texture, aroma and taste of all cheeses. Based on the gathered points cheeses were awarded with a bronze, silver, gold or super gold recognition. From all of the 3.804 samples there were only 16 super finalists, among which the judges selected the absolute winner. This year the honour was given to an US Rogue River Blue from Rogue Creamery.

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