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In Ljubljana, the end of winter and the awakening of spring are usually accompanied by an abundance of culinary events, and this year is no different. To help you pass the time until the sunshine gets warmer, days get longer and nature is reborn, we selected some of the traditional events heralding spring in Ljubljana, and added information on a brand new festival.

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Opening of the 8th Season of the Ljubljana Open Kitchen – 20 March 2020

Open Kitchen, now in its eighth edition, is certainly one of the main events that marks the start of the season for outdoor socialising, which in Ljubljana signifies that the winter has ended. As is usual by now, the new season of Slovenia’s most popular culinary market will open on Pogačar Square on the first Friday of spring, 20 March. The organisers have announced several new features, including a good many new food and drink providers, and a wider selection of meatless dishes. They have also decided to completely eliminate plastic from the service, something which has been particularly well received by the public. 

Ljubljana Kraft Beer Week – 23 to 29 March 2020

At the end of last year, craft beer lovers were delighted to learn that the first edition of the Ljubljana Kraft Beer Week will take place this spring, an event which organisers say will celebrate quality and aim to strengthen the microbrewery community. During the festival, many beer-related events will take place in various venues in Ljubljana, culminating on Saturday, 28 March, when 29 top breweries from Slovenia and abroad will gather in the Festival Hall to offer tastings of over 100 different hop-based brews.

beer oskar kogoj jug of green gold
oskar kogoj jug of green gold

European Food Summit 28 to 30 March 2020

The European Food Summit, which is taking place in Ljubljana for the second time, but has origins that go back several years, is already one of the leading culinary events in Europe. It aims to raise awareness of the global effects of food, bringing together some of the world’s top chefs and outstanding people from the worlds of cuisine, the arts and media. The three-day summit will feature a number of events, including the Gourmet Ljubljana Crawl culinary tour, a special edition of the Open Kitchen in Križanke, and an Experience Dinner. The highlight of the event, the symposium of experts, will be held at the Slovenian Philharmonic.

Open Kitchen Special Edition in Križanke 28 March 2020

The European Food Summit will open with a special, Saturday edition of the Open Kitchen in Križanke that will focus on Slovenian cuisine – from the dishes our grandmothers made to contemporary cuisine, which takes inspiration from the best ingredients Slovenia has to offer and is committed to sustainable gastronomy. The event is jointly organised by Tourism Ljubljana, Open Kitchen, and the European Food Summit.

Gourmet Ljubljana Crawl 28 March 2020

As part of the European Food Summit, Gourmet Ljubljana Crawl, a culinary tour that combines cuisine, culture and architecture, will take place for the second year in a row. Participants will discover Ljubljana through six dishes prepared by Slovenian chefs and accompanied by local wines, all to be enjoyed in the surroundings of city’s cultural temples and landmarks.

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