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Odrta Kuhna - Open Kitchen

Are you trying to decide where to take your loved ones, friends, or even business partners for lunch or dinner? Are their tastes and wishes too different to only go to one place? Then experience the diversity of Slovenian and world cuisine in the street! The Open Kitchen is the most popular culinary market in Slovenia, which will fascinate you with thousands of colours, aromas, and flavours. See you at Pogačar Square when temperatures get warm enough. Occasionally, the Open Kitchen opens its ‘doors’ in other towns, too. 

Enjoy good food and company in Ljubljana and Central Slovenia
Experience one of the most popular gastronomic experiences in Ljubljana, learn about the traditional speciality from the kitchens of Idrija, and visit one of the greatest wine festivals in Slovenia.

Where eat good for money in Slovenia / Ljubljana / Nova gorica / Slovenj Gradec / Ptuj?

Open kitchen Ljubljana
Friday, 21. June 2019, 10:00 – 21:00, Pogačarjev trg
Open kitchen Nova Gorica
Wednesday, 19. June 2019, 10:00 – 21:00, Bevkov trg
The first Open kitchen in Slovenj Gradec

Saturday, 22. June 2019, 11:00 – 21:00, Trg svobode

Open kitchen Ptuj

A unique and most popular food market on the sunny side of the Alps.

Unique and fresh
Odprta kuhna is a unique and the most popular food market in Slovenia that has been bringing freshness and innovation to the Slovenian culinary scene since 2013. It has become a regular Ljubljana event and every sunny Friday from early spring to late fall its stands attract thousands of foodies and fans of relaxed hanging-out.

Diverse and colourful

Every (sunny) Friday between 10 AM and 9 PM, and until 10 PM in the summer, Pogačarjev trg square comes to life in various colours, flavours and aromas. The stands of Odprta kuhna have presented over a 100 restaurants from all over Slovenia and the visitors have tried close to a thousand different Slovenian and international dishes.

Odprta kuhna is occasionally hosted at Mestna tržnica Celje, Carpacciov trg square in Koperand Bevkov trg square in Nova Gorica thus bringing joy to food lovers in Štajerska, Primorska and the Coast.

Simply tasty
Imagine a walk in the Ljubljana streets that takes you around the world. When you walk between the stands of the colourful food market, you smell homemade Kaiserschmarrn from one side and on the other some flames jump up into the air from a Asian wok; bograč from Prekmurje is inviting you to one stand and juicy burgers are on the grill at the next. It simply doesn’t get tastier than that!

It’s an experience
You can stop just for a moment, grab a quick bite and continue wandering the old town. On the other hand you might want to kick back in good company, indulge in fabulous local and international dishes, have a glass of Slovenian wine or craft beer and drink in the intense experience that is Odprta kuhna.

Committed to the environment
In 2016 Ljubljana was the European green capital and the Open Kitchen is still staying committed to caring for the environment. That is why we call on our vendors to use reusable or biodegradable packaging, we recycle all waste and at the end of the event donate the remaining food to people in need instead of throwing it away. Visitors are also encouraged to recycle and we are glad to help with any advice on correct waste separation. We also like to see the visitor traveling to Open kitchen with public transport, by bike or on foot and thus keep our air cleaner.

Awarded excellence and quality
In January 2014 we were awarded with Jakob, the award for excellence and quality in tourism of the Alpe-Adria region that is given yearly by the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre.

Awarded innovation
In October 2014 we won the Sejalec, awarded to us for the most innovative Slovenian tourist product of the last two years. The Sejalec is the annual award of SPIRIT Slovenia, Slovenian Tourist Board for innovation and creativity in tourism.

Source: slovenia.info, odprtakuhna.si, visitljubljana.si

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