TOP trail run in Slovenia


Slovenia has a well-developed culture of running with many marathons and runs organized throughout the entire year, and almost every bigger Slovenian village has its own running event. One of the top trail runs in Slovenia is the Ultra Trail Vipava Valley.

Ultra Trail Vipava Valley is the biggest ultra trail in Slovenia. In 2019 it hosted over 1000 runners from 30 countries around the world. This year the top trail run in Slovenia will be held from 5th till 17th of May. The organizers of the top trail run in Slovenia expect more than 1300 runners from more than 30 countries! Applications are opened till April 1st.

Top trail run in Slovenia has developed over the course of 6 years and became known as UTVV Slovenia. In 2020 it will host 6th edition. Runners can try themselves on 6 different distances:

·       Emperor – 160km – WSER100/2021; 6 UTMB/ITRA points

·       Centurion – 100km – WSER100/2021; 5 UTMB/ITRA points

·       Gladiator – 50km – 3 UTMB/ITRA points

·       Legionar – 30km – 2 UTMB/ITRA points

·       Asterix – 13km

·       Obelix vineyards walk – 8km

Trail connects all Vipava Valley – it starts in Ajdovščina in old Roman fort. On the trail, you run through forests, vineyards, cross old bridges, see castles and much more. The most important part of the race are off course the volunteers – you can hear them far away cheering for you. Every aid station is special and unique due to them.

The longest distances are only for the experienced runners. Emperor and Centorium (160km and 100km) are not to be underestimated. In some parts, terrain is technical but overall very runnable. Runners on those two distances need to be physically strong enough to endure the final climb on mount Nanos at the very end of the race. If you conquer Nanos after 140km, you can conquer anything in your life!

Medium distances, Gladiator and Legionar (50km and 30km) are well-known classics for all type of runners. They are not too demanding and are very runnable. They are meant to go fast. Still, they open beautiful views on the valley, the Julian Alps and to the Adriatic sea. They are perfect for runners who have some experiences from other races or that are coming from road running.

Short two distances, Asterix and Obelix (13km and 8km) are for everyone. With small elevation gain, they are just a step from road running. Whoever thinks on trying himself running on a gravel road or narrow forest paths, this are ideal two distances! They are created to go fast for those who go fast. They are created to try a new type of terrain for those who are ready to explore. They are created to be the first-ever race for those we never tried themselves on running event before. They are created for everyone!

While Asterix is a running race, Obelix offers walk trough vineyards, wine degustation. It is easy walk for those who don’t feel like running, but still want to explore the valley. It will be no rush, no hard tempo. A perfect solution for families that are waiting for their members to cross the finish line on running distances.

Why should I go to UTVV Slovenia 2020?

  • Energy at the start that lasts until the finish.
  • Good organization and very well-marked trail.
  • Beautiful landscape (view from mountains to the sea, forest, vineyards, river)
  • Many cultural monuments (castles, roman fortress, mentions)

To conclude. UTVV Slovenia is a top race every runner should have in his pocket. In develops every year and offers more and more. Stay tuned, because its 6edition in 2020 will be a true spectacle! Don’t miss it! More information can be found, here.