Fishing the Ljubljanica River


Find out everything you need to know about fishing in the Ljubljanica river that flows through Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.

When someone is searching for a location to fish around the naturally diverse country of Slovenia, they usually end up doing it in the rivers like Soča and Sava, or in the well-known lakes of Bled and Bohinj. Even though Ljubljana was the 2016 European Green Capital and it HAS a river, most people wouldn’t think of it when they’re deciding where to fish.

Still, Ljubljanica is a spot where you CAN fish and catch some pretty big fish too. And since you have already shown your interest by googling this, let me tell you all you need to know about it.

Where to fish?

The urban experience of fishing is indeed different than in the great outdoors, you can still find some pretty cool and peaceful spots to fish at, if you know where to look.

There is the Špica, where Ljubljanica splits into two separate streams that weave their way around the castle hill. “Špica” means “spike” and it signifies the pointy end of land when the two streams diverge. There is a newly renovated park there, where people of Ljubljana often come to relax, which is also a perfect fishing spot for those looking for some relaxation from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Moving north, you have the confluence of the Ljubljanica and Gradaščica rivers, where you can fish just a few minutes away from the city centre. Along the river, but exactly on the other side of the castle hill, you have the Plecnik’s river Barrier, where one will not enjoy only fishing, but also the architectural aspects of the mighty barrier itself.

Which fish to expect?

The freshwater river species that you can catch in Ljubljanica range from the mighty Pike and Catfish, the most sought-after fish in Slovenia that is Carp, or even species like Barbel and Chub.

When to fish?

The high fishing season in the Ljubljanica river starts in April and ends in October. The most plentiful months for it are July and August, but for catching the big predators like Pike and the big Wels Catfish, May is also the month to go. Even though the high season ends somewhere in October, you’re most likely to catch some trophy-sized Carp in November.

How to fish?

Especially while flowing through the city, Ljubljanica is too deep for fly fishing. One of the ways of angling here is spin fishing, where you’re mainly looking for the giant Slovenian Huchen or some of the other impressive river predators. If you want to catch a huge Carp, then bottom bait fishing is the way to go. Additionally, floater fishing is also an option for catching Carp, Barbel and more.

Of course, if you don’t want to catch fish with your bare hands, you will need some fishing equipment. A fishing rod is probably the first thing on your mind, but you also need a landing net or other similar equipment for finalizing your catch. For baits, you can use worms or artificial lures depending on the type of fish you are chasing.

In the end, you will also need to buy some permits. You can do that at the Fishing family Barje or on the website, where you can buy permits for the whole of Slovenia. And for an even better experience fishing here, you can also rent a boat at the Rowing Center Ljubljanica.

Slovenia is a top fishing destination

As you can see, all the above is possible just around the capital of Ljubljana, with the whole of Slovenia having endless possibilities for different kinds of fishing. You can chase sea fish at our coast, but most people go fly fishing in its many shallow freshwaters. It can be in the turquoise river Soča, the most beautiful Karst river of Unica, or below the mountains at Lake Bohinj.

Whatever you choose, you can be sure you will have fun catching a lot of fish, all the while you are relaxing in the presence of pristine nature in one of the greenest countries on earth.