New The Slovenia Events guide reveals July 2023 Highlights


July has arrived, and with it comes a brand-new The Slovenia Events guide to the hottest events happening throughout the country. The guide showcases the pinnacle of entertainment for the month of July 2023. Don’t miss out on the most highly anticipated gatherings, performances, and festivities – click here to download your free copy of “The Slovenia Events: July 2023” guide.

July highlights

Highlighted in the July guide are exceptional festivals that are sure to captivate attendees. Among them, the 64th Jazz Festival in Ljubljana stands out, promising soul-stirring melodies and unforgettable performances. The Festival Bled offers an enchanting fusion of music, art, and culture against the backdrop of the stunning Bled landscape. And let’s not forget the iconic Pivo in cvetje festival, a harmonious blend of refreshing brews and vibrant blossoms that will undoubtedly leave visitors in awe.

For those seeking grand musical experiences, the guide directs attention to some of the most prominent concerts taking place in July. The immensely talented Nina Pušlar, Žan Serčič, Siddharta any many more!

Families with children will delight in the joyous offerings tailored just for them. The Holcerček Summer Festival guarantees a summer filled with excitement, laughter, and countless memories for the little ones.

Download free The Slovenia Events guide

Make sure to download your free events guide today to discover even more remarkable events taking place throughout the month. So mark your calendars and see you at this summer’s most sensational events!