The Marketing tips: The basic advertising principals for the online market


You have your product/service, you have your business strategy now comes your marketing and advertising. There are four most vital things you need to consider when coming to your advertising.

  1. Demographics – basics of what they have on their profiles etc.
  2. Behaviors – what they do online and what they like on social media
  3. Interests – industry they might be in
  4. Location – where your business operations are within a specific number of km from your business.

There are many different aspects that go into advertising as a whole, as there are many ways to advertise. The main pint of the advertisement should be a video or image that captivates the buyer to go with your brand. Focus on selling your service or product, keeping your branding simple and sophisticated. It is no use to the consumer if you’re only advertising your brand or logo and not actually telling them why your product or service would work for them.

Before you even begin to run any type of ad where it be on social media or through search engine marketing. Consider the “how, what, where, why and who” aspects of your ads. It doesn’t help you spend lots of money on many ads with little to no results so plan our everything in advance. Most small business owners usually plan too many ads with a low keyword bid, or, they have a “too big” audience type with low costs on running the ad. A successful ad campaign can be run well on a long-term basis if you keep these I mind from the start. Once you get the analytics from that then focus on what online shoppers are really looking for and design content specific to their needs. This will help you with retargeting to your audience and getting consumers to keep coming back for more.

On the 24th Sept 2020 at 20h00 I will be hosting an hour workshop about Facebook advertising. The training event is free of charge and anyone is welcome to join and bring a friend. Alternatively, if you are reading this past 2020 you can visit my YouTube channel or training website where I upload my training sessions to help everyone.