Food Tour Ljubljana


With Slovenia becoming more and more recognized in the gastronomic and culinary scene, its capital city boasts itself as “the spot to be” for all foodies and food enthusiasts alike.

Take a walk on the culinary side of Ljubljana

From becoming the European gastronomic region for the year 2021 to Michelin starred and awarded restaurants, Ljubljana will surely spoil your taste buds, no matter what food preferences one has.

With so many amazing and award-winning restaurants located in Ljubljana, one might have difficulties deciding on where to eat or which restaurant to pick. Food tours in Ljubljana are sometimes the best way to experience all the different tastes the capital city has to offer to its both domestic and foreign visitors who are stopping by the city for a day or two.

Get a taste of traditional Slovenian dishes in Ljubljana

Slovenia is known for its amazing authentic and traditional dishes. Not matter what Slovenian region you find yourself in, there will be something new for you to try. From creamy cake called Blejska kremšnita to heavily smoked sausage that years back went to space, Kranjska klobasa, and more.

If you are “dropping” by in Ljubljana for only a day or two, perhaps you only have a few hours for exploring the stunning Slovenian capital and wish to get a taste of authentic and traditional Slovenian dishes, then book a Food Tour Ljubljana.

Let an experienced team of guides take you on an unforgettable culinary experience through some of the best “food spots” in Ljubljana. It is recommended one comes with an empty stomach for this food tour in Ljubljana, as there will be 7 delicious tastings for you along the journey through Ljubljana’s food scene.

While of a food tour Ljubljana you will be able to really soak in everything this charming capital in the heart of Europe has to offer. As you will get acquainted with other food traveler from different parts of the world, enjoy the tastes and best specialties from all Slovenian regions, such as the amazing Istrian prosciutto and cheese at the Ljubljana’s food market, special wine called Cviček from Dolenjska, Prekmurska gibanica from Prekmurje and more.

Walking around Ljubljana, while getting a taste of the rich culinary history of Slovenia is also a great way to see some of the most famous sights and tourist attractions in Ljubljana. From the famous food market that was designed by Jože Plečnik himself to seeing the dragons propped up on a bridge as protectors of the city.

What a better way to finish a food tour in Ljubljana, than by sitting down at one of the best restaurants in Ljubljana and experiencing the new generation of culinary talents placing their newest creations on a plate. Food tours in Ljubljana will provide you with a unique experience of eating like a true local or “Ljubljančan” if you will while soaking up the most beautiful sights Ljubljana has to offer.

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