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Petra Juvančič, as the executive director of the Manager Association, boasts a distinguished career path, having held multiple mandates as director overseeing public relations at the Vzajemna insurance company. She also played a significant role in the Slovenian Insurance Association, where she led the Consumer Awareness and Communication Committee. Leveraging her expertise in healthcare systems, she collaborates with the American Chamber of Commerce in Slovenia (AmCham) as a member of the Healthcare and Quality of Living Commission. With her wealth of experience, she is a recognized organizer and moderator of professional conferences, roundtable discussions, and forums. Additionally, she contributes as a guest columnist in the newspaper Delo.

What was your most important lesson in 2023?

Life can change in an instant. It is hard not to mention this year’s floods in Slovenia that have changed everything for many individuals, families, and several companies as well. However, it was amazing to see, how people are willing to help each other in such critical situations.

What global trend will shape 2024?

– Of course, the AI: not just learning about it but (strategically) using it for business purposes.

– Then there is the rising importance of cyber security: everything is digital, our data is everywhere and so are the hackers.

– Geopolitical situation and elections: both in the EU and the USA.

– People: how to successfully combine ambitious business goals with the well-being of employees as well as mental health.

What will be the most key skill in 2024?

Managing AI from at least two important aspects: how to use it to help us achieve business goals, as well as how to recognize real content from the deep fake (news, pictures, events, science, etc.).

Tips and tricks to help personal/business growth succeed in 2024:

Embrace problems. “Every problem is a gift – without problems, we would not grow.” (Anthony Robbins)

What is your top resolution for 2024?

My top resolution is not to make any 🙂