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What was your most important lesson in 2023?

My most important lesson in 2023 was that it is crucial to maintain flexibility and openness to change. In a rapidly changing world, constant learning and adaptation are essential, something I realised is key for both personal and professional growth, for myself and my clients. Agreements were being shifted, changed, and broken daily, but looking back now, we can still say that everything was carried out with good spirits. Constructively and creatively, as I teach my participants in de Bono’s training. No losing nerves but exploring the future – together with my team.

What global trend will shape 2024?

I would like to say: ethics and ecology – caring for fellow humans, society, and the environment. Although sustainable development is now a vision for many organisations, partly due to the demands of the European Union, I fear it might just be words, with more greenwashing and brainwashing, while behind the scenes, few fight for billions and many for crumbs. Certainly, a key global trend in 2024 will be associated with further development in digital technology, especially in terms of artificial intelligence. Engineers with no training in humanities will continue to develop buttons that eliminate ordinary people and their thinking, replacing them with machines that don’t complain, don’t need sick leave, and don’t strike.

What will be the most key skill in 2024?

I believe critical thinking and the ability to solve complex problems will be the key skills in 2024. A changing world requires individuals who can effectively analyse information, understand different perspectives, and formulate innovative solutions. People unfamiliar with de Bono’s thinking tools – at least the Six Thinking Hats method and lateral thinking techniques – will increasingly lag, as they engage in verbal battles instead of building communities.

Nastja Mulej at the event Festival odločitev (Festival of Decisions), organizer: Speaker.si

Tips and tricks to help personal/business growth succeed in 2024:

For personal growth success in 2024, I recommend setting realistic goals, maintaining healthy habits, consistently learning, and connecting with mentors or communities that foster positive growth.

What is your top resolution for 2024?

My main decision for 2024 is to be even more focused on achieving a balance between work and private life. I plan to effectively manage my time to reach my goals while maintaining high-quality interpersonal relationships and carving out time for myself.