Tastes of Idrija: Finger-licking good.


The culinary heritage of Idrija, captured in an exceptional natural and cultural environment, reflects the strong will and creativity of the miners’ wives, who were able to create seemingly simple, yet now recognised, protected and award-winning specialities from carefully selected, locally available ingredients of the highest quality.

In a unique architectural gem located in a historically important area that reflects the UNESCO World Heritage, the chefs remain true to tradition. They thoughtfully add a dash of ingenuity to selected local dishes, creating an unforgettable experience of the past and the present. Treat yourself and your loved ones with fresh flavours and delicious dishes, holders of the IDRIJA SELECTED cerfiticate. Welcome to the Hotel Jožef restaurant. Welcome to explore Idrija through food.

Hotel Jožef

Idrija žlikrofi

The most recognisable dish of the region is the Idrija žlikrofi. The recipe for them came to Idrija along with the mining, but unfortunately the exact origin of the dish is unknown. The beautiful pasta dish with its characteristic shape of Napoleon’s hat was on the menu at every feast and was also said to help settle family disputes. In Idrija, žlikrofi are traditionally served with bakalca (mutton stew), which was said to be so good that the eaters dipped (bakati – dated expr. for dipping in Slovene) their bread in it. Idrija žlikrofi is now protected at the EU level as a ‘Traditional Speciality Guaranteed’.


The story of this savoury roulade with crackling filling is connected with the Idrija miners. As they often suffered from mercury poisoning, they were given bacon to chew as the grease binds with mercury and helps ease the symptoms. However, the miners often preferred to give the bacon to their wives who used it in their ocvirkovca.


If you are ready to taste a traditional Idrija dish, you cannot go wrong with smukavc. Most often, this stew is made from the dark green leaves from the outside of cabbage or kale, which also influenced its name: the leaves are stripped off the vegetable(osmukati). Best enjoyed with an ocvirkovca or zeljševka.

Jožef’s board – a plate of local cold cuts and cheeses

Built at the site of a former mine smelting plant, Hotel Jožef and its restaurant sought architectural inspiration in the Čermak-Špirek furnace. It is an homage to all of Idrija’s Jožefs who have co-created Idrija’s (hi)story – and therefore the name Jožef’s board for a plate of local colds cuts and cheeses from the surrounding farms is no coincidence.

Jožef’s rabbit fillet with Krnice cheese and Idrija žlikrofi

Our grandmothers passed on the knowledge of combining roasted rabbit or hare with Idrija žlikrofi. The chefs at the Jožef Hotel restaurant revived this traditional combination and infused it with a contemporary touch: the hare-fillet roulade over a bed of carrots with Krnice cheese and Idrija žlikrofi is not only visually stunning but pure poetry for the taste buds.

Chef’s plate

The plate presents a connection between the contemporary and the traditional: pancetta is gently wrapping the tenderloin over a bed of vegetables, accompanied by the indispensable Idrija žlikrofi.

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