3 Chefs Juniors in Ljubljana


‘3 Chefs’ is a culinary project founded in 2012 by chefs Igor Jagodic of Strelec Restaurant, Uroš Štefelin of Vila Podvin, and Bine Volčič of Monstera Bistro. The aim of the project is to connect chefs and make way for inspiring culinary collaborations.

The trio culinary team has already organized two successful ‘3 Chefs Juniors’ events, this one in August being the third. The idea of the ‘3 Chefs Juniors’ series is to get young chefs involved in the project.

Three young chefs will be delighting guests with their culinary creations under the mentorship of Jagodic, Štefelin, and Volčič respectively: Julijana Krapež (from Restaurant Strelec), Martin Zupanc (from Vila Podvin), and Gregor Jelnikar (from Monstera Bistro). All in one location: Strelec Restaurant, Ljubljana.

For reservations contact [email protected].