Camping is so last season (or so they say). Forget your tents and sleeping bags at home and spend your next holidays in Slovenia in a unique type of accommodation, which combines a bit of luxury for pampering your senses and sleeping under the stars.

Explore the top glamping resorts in Slovenia!

We are assuming that by now you have heard of glamping. If not, no worries we are here to help you understand what this new trend is all about and where to find the top glamping resorts in Slovenia. A few years ago, the trend of “glamorous tent” accommodation of luxurious camping refreshed the traditional accommodation formats. To put simply, glamping in glamorous camping. What is now known as “glamping” won the hearts of those who are not into the hustle and bustle of setting up a tent in the middle of nowhere and those who want a unique holiday experience in the heart of nature. Glamping resorts in Slovenia provide boutique accommodations with a story surrounded by the stunning Slovenian nature.

Over the last few years, glamping resorts have been popping out and around Slovenia like mushrooms after the rain. Top glamping resorts in Slovenia are without a doubt unique and offer innovative and themed accommodation facilities. As you will see in this article some of the top glamping resorts in Slovenia focus on simple comfort while others focus on luxury and world-class culinary specialties wrapped up in traditional Slovenian flavors. Check out our selection of Top glamping resorts in Slovenia.


Why not glam it up and provide an element of luxurious indulgence to the experience? Where nature and prestige cohabitate. In the idyllic surroundings of the Upper Savinja Valley, Charming Slovenia offer the opportunity to surround oneself with Slovenia’s finest asset and has proven itself as one of the top glamping resorts in Slovenia. Herbal Glamping Resort in Ljubno is perfect for the most demanding guests who, when looking for accommodation, don’t make compromises. They offer 10 glamorous tents, herbal wellness, private jacuzzi and a natural pool overlooking the stunning Upper Savinja Valley. Besides the architectural completeness, the interior of the tent will impress you, accommodation and technology-wise, with the highest level of prestige and complete privacy.


Next one our list of Top glamping resorts in Slovenia is the Forest glamping resort Blaguš. This Slovenian glamping spot is ideal for guests who want to wake up surrounded by nature. Forest glamping resort Blaguš invites you to discover a story where under the trees a unique architecture is placed, which will give you a feeling, that you have awoken in a fairytale. This top glamping resort in Slovenia offers 16 glass-wooden houses placed directly by the coast of the Blaguš lake. Spend your time in their special forest library or enjoy a good workout at the outdoor fitness center.


Mixing the rough with the smooth pretty much to perfection, accommodation at Glamping Ribno Bled comes in the form of six luxury mini-houses made from local timber that can sleep up to four people. Luxury here means private hot-tubs, flat-screen televisions and a combination of insulation and heating for year-round habitation. They will deliver your breakfast in a lovely basket, which contains local specialties. Sited next to the Ribno hotel, the glamping experience is enhanced even further by the added bonus of a quality restaurant next door that will even deliver the food should you wish. Extras include cycling, rafting, and hiking tours on request. A perfect glamping getaway in Slovenia near Lake Bled.


Also located near the stunning Lake Bled is our next top glamping resort in Slovenia. Garden Village Bled is definitely the one Slovenian glamping spot that stands out. It’s almost like a romantic dream. The simple exteriors mask the most stylish interiors in this dream-like accommodation. Treehouses, a garden restaurant with a small stream dissecting it, glamping, it even provides a studio apartment with a Massage Bathtub in the living room. Our advice, visit Garden Village Bled during your next stay or visit at Lake Bled, which is also a great starting point for exploring other sights, which are only an hour or two away.


One of the most romantic glamping resorts in Slovenia is Gozdne vile. Perfect spot for all you couples out there who seek some “alone time”. Cute small wooden huts are located in a secluded part of the green camp right next to Lake Bled. The hut offers two beds with a mattress and bedding made of natural materials. Guests can enjoy themselves on the set of wooden deckchairs and tables provided in front of the hut or enjoy themselves in a wooden bathtub, which is heated by firewood. After a long day of exploring the region around Bled, you can enjoy yourself at the Alpine-style wellness.


Slovenia is known for its honey and beehives. Did you know there are more than 90.000 beekeepers in Slovenia? From the Bee museum to glamping, bees are a true Slovenian icon. On the fragrant meadow in the middle of beautiful Savinja valley has built a new village, named Beeland. This special setting is found in Mozirje town and it is one of our top glamping resorts in Slovenia. Stay in chalets in the form of honeycomb and watch how busy bees will bring a real magical atmosphere. But Maya and Willy’s chalets are not unique accommodations just for summer and springtime when the bees are active. It can be special accommodation in autumn and winter months too. In the cooler evenings, you can create your own wellness with jacuzzi and sauna.


Our next top glamping resort in Slovenia is located 500 meters away from Kranjska Gora. The Natura Eco Camp welcomes its guests from June till October. At this top glamping resort in Slovenia, you will be able to get close enough to the deep forest to arouse your primal instincts and just far enough from the city to still feel like you are at home. While you are in the area make sure to stop by the most Instagrammable lakes in Slovenia to snap the perfect picture.


The next top glamping resort in Slovenia is one of the newest editions to the glamping spots. The Slovenia Eco Resort is located near Velika Planina, which is 30 minutes away from the capital of Slovenia. Experience the fairytale of Velika Planina in the valley with its magical and unique herdsmen’s tradition, unspoiled nature, traditional goods, and breathtaking views, Velika Planina takes its place among the most beautiful pastures in Slovenia and abroad. Visiting Slovenia Eco resort, you will have a chance to experience this magic and uniqueness yourself. At the foothills of the Kamnik Alps, where fresh air fills your lungs, you will be able to sense nature and yourself. They offer teambuilding, special activities for children, sporting events and trips, and guess what you can even get married at the Slovenia Eco Resort.


First glamping located above the thermal springs with waterpark and one of the best wellness & spa center in Europe. Glamping Adria Olimia village is without a doubt one of our top glamping resorts in Slovenia. An architecturally and perfectly designed resort, which impresses with a magical atmosphere full of paths and thermal water streams flowing between glamping tents. Glamping Adria Olimia village offers its guests luxury tents and the prestigious softness of the inside of the tent will overwhelm all your senses. Even before you immerse yourself in the depths of the thermal springs offered by the Terme Olimia complex, let us pamper you with a delicious breakfast that will be waiting for you on the terrace in the morning. You can spend the day in one of Terme Olimia’s thermal pools or press a button and lazily slip into the bubbles of a private hot tub in front of the tent. The decision is yours.


The Top glamping resort in Slovenia which is a true paradise for true chocoholics. Chocolate village by the river is located in a natural park, near the peaceful Drava River and just a few minutes away from Maribor. The spring and summer are simply stunning. But chocolate is especially tasty during dreamy winter evenings by the open fire while listening to the gentle autumn rain. Their chocolate experience is available all year round. Chocolate village by the river offers it’s guest stunning cottages, which are beautifully equipped with all the amenities one needs. Book an unforgettable stay at Chocolate village by the river and pamper yourself with unlimited amounts of chocolate. It sounds like a sweet (re)treat!


Last, but not least on our list of top glamping resorts in Slovenia is Glamping resort Chateau Ramšak. They invite you to a hidden gem in one of the most beautiful and untainted parts of Slovenia. Nestled within over fifteen hectares of rolling green hillsides to our own exquisite vineyards, in the heart of the scenic wine region of Styria, is a true paradise for lovers of nature, luxury… and the wine itself! Only a moment away from the bustling city of Maribor is one of the most unspoiled destinations in Slovenia. The Ramšak estate, with its fairytale country castle, is over two centuries old, steeped in ancient history and drenched in natural beauty. The Chateau Ramšak boasts its own wine cellar with the largest wine press in Europe, a graft of the World’s oldest vine and tasting bar, situated next to a romantic and revitalizing pond. They offer you a unique glamping experience from which you can choose from. From sleeping in a stunning treehouse to sleeping the luxurious tents fit for a king and his queen.

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