Split – The city Of Ancient Times & Modern Twists


Summer is in its full bloom and Croatian coast and islands are certainly amongst the favorite destination. One of the most visited cities is certainly Split. So why not talk a little about its beauties, attractions, beaches, food, and more? Well, there is no excuse not to, so let’s see what is so attractive in this amazing coastal city!

Split is a beautiful historical, cultural, and vivid city which attracts people from all over the world. It combines ancient times with modern touches and thanks to that, it is place for all generations – those who look for vividness and good nightlife, those who look for fjaka, relaxation, and indulgence, as well as those who just want to get back in time and enjoy ancient vibes and spirits. So, yes, definitely – Split has it all!

Urban Jungle with Ancient Touches & Modernity

Diocletian’s’ Palace is a core of the old city. It was built in the 4th century, and it is one of the best-preserved monuments of the Roman architecture. The historic core of the city, along with the palace, is listed as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1979. Within the palace, people love to wander through a couple of quite important sites such as Peristyle, Cardo, and the cellar (where Daenerys kept her dragons – if you know, you know). Beside those, Vestibul, the temple of Jupiter, and Cathedral of Saint Domnius are some of the favorite tourists’ spots. Oh, and yes, you can meet some Roman soldiers on your wandering route – which gives even more authenticity to those ancient vibes.

Modern touches are nicely intertwined in those traditional ones – shops, cafes, and restaurants nurture and respect the stone, the carvings, and every small detail which bring some past times and well-preserved historical and cultural heritage.

A beautiful combination of those two quite incompatible, yet beautifully intertwined times, can be seen on Riva too. Riva is simply a place to be – stone-paved long promenade with palms and the sea on one side and colorful old buildings with cafes and restaurants on the other. Is there a more vivid and picturesque place than that?


Marjan Hill – Green Heaven

Marjan hill is a beautiful forest park perfect for walking, hiking, and rock climbing. The 178-meters high hill has amazing Mediterranean vegetation, and it is often referred to as the lungs of the city. Marjan combines macchia, classic Mediterranean flora, belvederes, promenades, and stunning views over the city of Split, Adriatic Sea, and nearby islands.

Besides on the foot (both adventures climbing and relaxed strolling), Marjan is great to explore with bikes.

The hill amazingly combines green and untouched nature, monuments, architecture, and urban jungle of the city, and it surely is one of the most striking parts of Split.

At the, we can say, roots of Marjan, there are a couple of quite interesting museums such as Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments and Meštrović Gallery, as well as amazing beaches. Perfect heaven for recreation and fresh air with photogenic views, right?

Pebble & Sandy Beaches

Well, we can’t talk about Split if we won’t mention one the most famous beaches called Bačvice. Even though you already probably heard of it, it is so famous and popular, we simply must talk about it! Bačvice is natural phenomenon, and it is a perfect sandy beach in the heart of the city. Well, next to the port. And it is great for families with kids and picing. I can almost feel the sand underneath my feet already!

Kašjuni is a small pebble beach which, besides crystal-clear sea, has one more natural beauty– an amazing view over the Marjan hill! You can get to it on foot, by car, or by a ferry. And you won’t get thirsty nor hungry there, because the beach has a bar and restaurant!

Kaštelat is a beach perfect for those who love to dance a bit while getting in or out of water, while Bene is a beach which is a part of forest park, and it has a lot of activates suitable for kids, tennis and soccer courts, and open gym. Besides that, the forest is perfect for a nice stroll or picnic!

There are a lot more beaches perfect for all generations, so everyone can find their peace, relaxation, dancing in the water, shade, sand under their feet, picing, and more. Have I already said that Split has it all?

Mix Of Ingredients, Recipes & Wines

Besides a really beautiful combination of architecture, ancient details, modern touches, and natural beauty, Split has amazing gastronomy scene too. It offers traditional Mediterranean recipes with modern twists (the city perfectly combines past and modern times in all its spheres).

Seafood specialties lead the gastronomy scene – octopus salad, grilled squids, risotto with prawns and shrimps, pasta with seafood, brodetto, mussels, and salted anchovies are just a couple of classic dishes in which you and your taste buds can indulge during the visit.

Some of the traditional dishes of Split are pašticada, samaštrani beef tongue, tingulet, and baked lamb, as well as Dalmatian prosciutto with cheese served in olive oil. Yes, those recipes will certainly seduce your palate and fulfill your entire vacation experience.

One of the must-try desserts is delicious Split’s cake. It is made with dried figs, raisins, and walnuts, and on top, it is coated with chocolate. Perfect sweet nuances to end every gastronomy adventure.

When it comes to the wines, well, you can enjoy is some of the most famous and traditional Dalmatian wines such as Postup and Dingač, which are classic red wines. Postup combines dark red colors and purple nuances with blue reflections, and it has a unique fragrance and aromatic flavors. Dingač comes with dark red colors and harmonious bitterish flavors. For white varieties, the must-try wines are Bogdanuša and Maraština.

What more to say then emphasize the unique beauty of Split – the mix of history, culture, architecture, urban jungle, greenery, and crystal-clear Adriatic Sea. Perfect summer destination for every generation. Enjoy and indulge!