LOGATEC: Slovenia’s most scenic karst fields


The centre of Inner Carniola between Ljubljana and Postojna, Logatec is a small place with a large history. The earliest mentions of it come from Roman times, and its history is shaped by its position on the important trade routes of the past, be it the Roman road from Aquileia to Emona or the Southern railway.


Before the railway was built Logatec was a town of old-timey truck drivers, men who rode wagons with a variety of animals in tow. The railway put an end to that, but the development of the town is intrinsically linked with traffic and transport.

The area is full of traditional rural architecture, pretty churches and tourist farms, providing respite for the most weary of traveller. There are numerous caves and ponds nearby, as well as Roman remains and watermills showing the human influence on Logatec. Most strikingly though is the almost 2km long tree-lined Napoleon’s Avenue, one of the most romantic walks in all of Slovenia, and Planina Polje, as scenic a karst field as you will find in the country. The towns Military Museum is also worth more than just a casual look, holding almost 3,000 items from all over the world in its collection.

PLANINA POLJE: Traversed by the river Unica, Planina Polje is simply put one of Slovenia’s finest karst fields. A land of meadows and a meeting point of numerous waterways, it is one of the most unique areas in the entire country. The Unica typifies this, rising from a cave and flowing across land practically impermeable to water, before disappearing underground and re-emerging near Vrhnika, although now with a new name (the Ljubljanica). Trout fill its waters, providing excellent fly-fishing for those interested, just be sure to acquire the correct permit beforehand. The remains of two castles provide an insight into the human history of the polje, and next to the tower of the small castle we find Planina Cave, with its mysterious underground world. Home to a vast array of stunning dripstones, it also provides residence to the Olm, a bizarre amphibian that is entirely aquatic and sits proudly as the only cave-dwelling chordate species in Europe. Tours of the caves are available by prior arrangement.  Info: +386 (0)41 33 86 96, [email protected].

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