TOP Wine News: Vodole Wine Fountain in Maribor

Vodole Wine Fountain Maribor

At the Sunshine Paradise Estate in Vodole, the first wine fountain in the area of Maribor will open on 21 March. It will offer eight different wine varieties and two non-alcoholic herb syrups.

The best wine from the Maribor wine-growing region can from March on be tasted at the Sunshine Paradise Estate in Vodole, where the first wine fountain in the region has been set up.

In the area of Maribor (let us recall; here is where the world’s oldest vine grows), farmers have grown grapes and making wine for decades, carefully seeking balance between modern winemaking and nature. Specific growing conditions, the climate and the diligence of the local people results in exceptional wines grown on the Styrian hills.

The Vodole Wine Fountain is a unique place where you can taste eight different wine varieties (six whites and two reds), as well as two organic non-alcoholic herb syrups. You will be given a special wine glass with a chip and select your own combination of wines. The tasting costs 10 Euro and includes a tasting of 6 different wines.

The Wine Fountain offers wines from: Protner Farmstay, Emil Farmstay, Bračko Rebernik Farmstay, Joannes Wines, Valentan Organic Farm, Gala Wine – Mlaker Winemaker, Mak Winery and Vehovar Wine.


Slovenia is a small country, but in recent years it has made a big name for itself in the world of wine. The country’s three distinct wine regions (and their nine constituent districts) produce a wide variety of wines, from the earthy reds of Mediterranean Primorska, to the sweet whites of Podravje in the northeast to the limitless supply of refreshing cviček of Posavje in the southeast. Below is our selection of Slovenia’s Top 10 Winemakers, as presented in The Slovenia Book.

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