Top experience: Kayaking in Slovenia


Are you looking for a unique way to explore Slovenian rivers? Then kayaking in Slovenia is just what you need to experience while vacationing in Slovenia.

Besides rafting and canyoning, kayaking is one of the most popular water activities in Slovenia. In fact, it has been ranked number one amongst attractions on offer in several regions of Slovenia. Do you need more convincing that kayaking in Slovenia is a must?

Kayaking in the perfect way to explore the beautiful Slovenian rivers and streams. With clear water and may rapids kayaking in Slovenia should be on your to-do list on your next trip to Slovenia.

From beginners to advanced, kayaking in Slovenia’s network of rivers is set to challenge and evoke memorable experiences from all that traverse them. Explore the stunning Slovenian scenery on watercourses while kayaking in Slovenia.

Kayaking on the Sava River

Surprisingly some of Slovenia’s most challenging kayaking is found just outside the capital rather than in the high mountain areas of the Julian Alps. For the interested expert kayaker, there is an Olympic style slalom course in the upper reaches of the Sava River near Ljubljana. Don’t worry there are courses for beginners held too!

Kayaking on the Soča River

Slovenia’s best kayaking location and most breathtaking river scenery is arguably on the Soča River. Kayaking in Slovenia on the Soča River offers a variety of launch sites stretching from the Trenta Valley in the North right down to Dolje just north of Tolmin. Not all of the river is navigable and there are different stretches suitable for different abilities.

Kayak descent on the River Soča inspires kayakers with special feelings of experiencing nature. Gliding on the wavy emerald water surface stops every once in a while in calm spots of the river and touches you with freshness, humming and magical views. Kayaking trip to the Soča Valley is a proper chill in the hot summer days, while you will forget all about bad weather on rainy days.

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Underground Kayaking in Peca

Tired of the summer sun? No worries. There is a unique kayaking experience in Slovenia, set underneath Peca. This underground adventure starts in front of the mining museum in Glančnik in Mežica. Visitors board a genuine mining train which takes from the museum through the 3.5 km long Glančnik tunnel and up to Unionski vpadnik slope mine. From here you descend for 95 m and go down the stairs that lead to water. At this point, all visitors receive the necessary protective equipment (neoprene boots, life jackets, and mining helmets with a flashlight). Then you enter a flooded shaft where special kayaks for two to three persons are already waiting for you.

After the kayak ride is completed, you will take a walk pass the abandoned underground working sites to the mining train station.

This kayaking in Slovenia experience lasts 4 hours and will be without a doubt the most memorable experience of your vacation stay in Slovenia.

Kayaking on the Kolpa River

Some of the best kayaking in Slovenia can be found on the Kolpa River. Whilst it is not as extreme as other rivers in terms of rapids, the scenery is idyllic and wild feeling and there is scope for multi-day river safaris with wild camping by the river or stays in the many attractive guesthouses along its course. Kayaking in Slovenia on the Kolpa River is the perfect activity for the whole family.

Kayaking around Debeli Rtič

Who says you cannot go kayaking in Slovenia on the coast? We can assure you this is a fun activity for the whole family. Grab your kayak in Slovenia and let’s go! Kayaking around Debeli Rtič is the top experience while staying in Slovenia. You will be able to see the Slovenian coastline as well as the Italian side. If you are lucky and the skies are clear you might see the Julian Alps as well. The tranquil Adriatic Sea will make kayaking around Debeli Rtič a memorable trip for sure.

Kayaking on the Krka River

Kayaking in Slovenia on the Krka River is an excellent beginner-intermediate experience for those of you who wanna try kayaking in Slovenia while on your vacation.

One of the highlights of the upper Krka is a series of weirs which can be navigated by kayak even by beginners. Lower down the river is more technical kayaking for more experienced paddlers.

Kayaking on Lake Bohinj

Our next stop on the kayaking in Slovenia location scouting is lake Bohinj. Lake Bohinj itself offers easy beginner kayaking, whilst there is excellent beginner-intermediate level on the Sava Bohinjka river which runs from Bohinj to Bled or the Sava River running south of Bled. The calm water of Lake Bohinj is suitable for kayaking with small children and beginners.

Kayaking on Mura River

The Mura River is popular for kayaking in Slovenia and is known to be of the gentler variety. With very few rapids to speak of this is more about gentle paddling in beautiful nature than high adrenalin kayak adventures.