THE Slovenia Weekly Do you know how many “sunny” streets are in Slovenia?


There are 41 streets in Slovenia whose name refers to the word sun. One can find 18 streets are named Sunny Road, 18 streets are named Sunny Street as a well as a Sunny Village, Sunny Embankment, Sunny Terraces,  Sunny Vale, and a Sunny Hill. There are 2,006 people living on “sunny” streets. 

There are 41 streets in Slovenia whose names are associated with the word sun. Eighteen streets are named Sunny Road (Sončna pot) and 18 streets are named Sunny Street (Sončna ulica).  One street is named Sunny Village (Sončna vas), one Sunny Embankment (Sončno nabrežje), one Sunny Terraces (Sončne terase), one Sunny Vale (Sončni log) and one Sunny Hill (Sončni grič). There are 2,006 people living on “sunny” streets. Most of them live on the streets named Sunny Vale (Sončni log) in the settlement of Logatec (352), Sunny Road (Sončna pot) in the settlement of Portorož (150), Sunny Street (Sončna ulica) in the settlement of Šempeter v Savinjski dolini (138) and Sunny Hill (Sončni grič) in the settlement of Velenje (104), the Statistics Office has revealed.

Streets related to the sun in Slovenia

Streets with “sun-related” names can be found in eight out of twelve statistical regions, while the “sunniest” region is Podravska. As many as 11 streets can be found there that is the name associated with the word sun. In the regions of Koroška, Zasavska, Posavska and Primorsko-notranjska there is not one such street name.

There is always sunshine after the rain…

There are also settlements in Slovenia whose names can at first glance be associated with rain. However, looking at the etymology dictionary we can see that this is not the case. For example, such settlements are Dežno pri Makolah and Dežno pri Podlehniku. These are smaller settlements in the Podravska region with fewer than 100 inhabitants per less than 10 km2. Some other settlements the names of which can also be associated with the word rain are Puddles (Luže) in the municipality of Šenčur, Puddle (Luža) and Cold Puddle (Mrzla luža) in the municipality of Trebnje, and also Puddlers (Lužarji) in the municipality of Velike Lašče. The original settlers of these places are supposed to really live near puddles.

And did you know that Slovenia has 6,036 settlements and 10,112 number of streets? On the Statistics Office website, you can also browse other names and learn a lot of interesting facts.

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The shown photos are symbolic, and the streets are named differently. Photo credit for the cover photo: Maja Marko. Thank you for sharing this photo with us.

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