What to see in Slovenia?


Slovenia truly is one of a kind gem in this world, which is waiting for you to discover it piece by piece. We often get the question “what to see in Slovenia” in the summer? While the question on what to see in Slovenia seems fairly easy, we can assure you is anything but that. With plenty of amazing must-see Slovenian touristic destinations that come to mind, narrowing it down can be quite stressful as there are so many amazing sights to see in Slovenia while visiting.

Slovenia is inviting you to explore the most stunning views of the Julian Alps, thousands of kilometers of pristine rivers, untouched green forests and enjoy the wide variety of cultural and historic heritage while tasting authentic and local Slovenian dishes. No matter where you will end up in Slovenia we can assure you that you will always find something to see in Slovenia.

What to see in Slovenia? Lake Bled

Perhaps one of the most visited Slovenian tourist destinations in Slovenia is Bled with its stunning lake Bled. As picturesque as a destination can be, Bled is one of the most striking Alpine resorts going and offers something for all manner of visitors, be they old, young, those in search of the activity or in search of relaxation. It truly is the dictionary definition of serenity.  Bled is without a doubt one of our favorite destinations and this is why it comes at the very top of the list of our recommendations on what to see in Slovenia.

What to see in Slovenia? Best Slovenian castles

Slovenia has around 500 castles, which are scattered across the whole country. While Slovenia is not a monarchy, there is approximately one castle per 25 kilometers in Slovenia. Slovenian castles are definitely a sight to see while visiting Slovenia. Mighty fortresses and castles in Slovenia now hold several interesting exhibitions and shows, where you can admire works of art or enjoy concerts. Many Slovenian castles also have the option of fine-dine experiences, alongside being the most amazing venues in the country to get married.

What to see in Slovenia? Best Slovenian museums

Slovenia is filled with a cultural and historic heritage which is put on display in the many museums across the country. Slovenian heritage dates back to prehistoric times, therefore you will have plenty to see while visiting Slovenian museums. From the many art galleries, historic museums to quirky exhibitions alike. The best Slovenian museums should be on your bucket list of what to see in Slovenia the next time you visit the country.

What to see in Slovenia? Soča Valley

When domestic or foreign tourists ask us what to see in Slovenia, one of the first locations that come to mind is Soča Valley, where you will find many fun activities, especially in the summer. Soča Valley invites you to try out canyoning, kayaking, hiking, cycling, or plan an adventurous day at one of the adrenaline parks.

What to see in Slovenia? Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia

Ljubljana, one of the greenest capitals in the world, which lies in the heart of Slovenia quite literally. Ljubljana should be on your list of “what to see in Slovenia”, no matter which time of the year you will decide to visit. While some 280,000 residents officially call the city home, it is said that its size swells to well over half a million on any given weekday, with large numbers of workers and students making daily migrations.  We can assure you that you will always have something to see and do in Ljubljana, while on holidays in Slovenia.

What to see in Slovenia? Top hiking trails in Slovenia

Slovenians are known as one of the most active nations in Europe, if not the world. We are also known as the nation that enjoys hiking, especially in the Julian Alps. One of the things you have to see in Slovenia or better said explore are some of the top hiking trails in Slovenia. Slovenia has over 10,000 kilometers of marked hiking trails, alongside 175 mountain huts where you can spend a night in. Without a doubt you have to put some of the top hiking trails on your “what to see in Slovenia” list this year.

What to see in Slovenia? Lipica stud farm

Did you know Slovenia is home to the white horses? You know those white horses on which Disney princes ride … Jokes aside. Slovenia is home to the oldest stud farm in the world. Lipica stud farm just celebrated its 440 years of operating. If you are a fan of horses or better said equestiran world then you simply must put Lipica stud farm on your “what to see in Slovenia” list right now.

What to see in Slovenia? UNESCO heritage in Slovenia

Our rich natural and cultural pieces of heritage are under the protection of UNESCO. Find out which Slovenian gems are pieced together in the mosaic of world heritage and make sure you put them on your “what to see in Slovenia” list the next time you visit Slovenia.

What to see in Slovenia? Most Instagrammable Lakes in Slovenia

Slovenia has so many amazing lakes. You will find them all around Slovenia. If you love to take photos we have prepared a list of the most picturesque or better said Instagrammable lakes in Slovenia. Make sure you add the following lakes in the article to your “what to see in Slovenia” bucket list while vacationing in Slovenia.

What to see in Slovenia? Top caves in Slovenia

Did you know Slovenia has around 10,000 caves and underground systems? Slovenian caves will leave you breathless, that’s why we advise you to put the top Slovenian caves on your “what to see in Slovenia” list.