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Here it is, Summer took a while to come to Slovenia, and the rest of Europe, this year, but it quickly made up for its tardiness with record high temperatures around the contitent. We’ve bravely soldiered on though, and our editorial team still managed to get together the strength to organise our annual Best of Summer in Ljubljana competition for 2019.

Locals and tourists alike can vote for Ljubljana’s Best Ice, Best Outdoor Activities, Best Indoor Fun, Best Craft Beer and lots more from 12 to 26 July. Just keep in mind that there is only one vote allowed per person (or technically speaking per email, but if you’re planning to get fake emails and vote multiple times, be aware that pay attention to such things so those votes won’t count, and it’s also bad for your karma).

The winners will be announced the following week, and the results will also be presented in the Aug/Sept issue of our guide. Thanks in advance to all the voters and best of luck to all the finalists! All questions and comments can be sent to [email protected].

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Products made with love in Slovenia

Products made with love in Slovenia