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Still on the sunny side of the alps, Bovec is a real green piece of Europe, a must if you really want to feel sLOVEnia! Catchy ofcial slogans aside, Slovenia’s supreme summer and winter sports town really ofers a lot. Lying in the magnifcent upper Soča valley in northwestern Slovenia, Bovec allows you to explore all the natural beauties of Triglav National Park. The town is a great base for summer activity holidays, hiking and mountain biking on land, paragliding from the surrounding alpine peaks through the air, or rafting and kayaking on the truly awesome turquoise waters of the river Soča. The area is also popular during the winter ski season.

In addition to being a cycling heaven, the highest mountain road in Slovenia also afords the visitor on foot abundant natural delights. The rock composition makes for a large array of mountain fora. Walking through the blossoming slopes, you may spot the friendly native Marmot, if not the two pine-green lakes. The latter, along with the high peak of Grossglockner on clear days, can be viewed from the saddle itself. On your way up a cheese-tasting at the Mangart pasture seems a great excuse for a break, with the opportunity to try the top quality Bovec cheese
courtesy of a cheese-making tradition 700 years old. Your next proper break might well be the mountain hut at the top, for some warm tea, cold beer or ‘hrana na žlico’ (food from the spoon, for example goulash).

Acknowledged as one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Slovenia, Boka is the enormous threshold of waters descending from the Kanin mountain range. As such, late spring happens to be the best time to visit: when the thick snow is melting, up to 100 tons of water per second falls frst 106m freely, then a further 30m on an incline. It is visible from a bridge on the Kobarid-Bovec road (near Žaga). A rather demanding footpath from the road leads to the source of the waterfall, which takes about an hour and a half to reach.

As hilltop fortifcations go, Kluže is one of Slovenia’s most impressive. Set above the Koritnica gorge, it falls against a backdrop of the Julian Alps. As well as the immense natural virtue to be soaked up there’s also the cultural; it is increasing serving as the region’s centre for social, artistic and entertainment events. The frst world war is remembered with a small exhibition of the Soča front and other local battles. Find Kluže on the main road from Bovec to Log Pod Mangartom and the Predel pass to Italy.

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Source: THE Slovenia book

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Products made with love in Slovenia

Products made with love in Slovenia