Triglav Tours


They say to be a true Slovene means to hike Slovenia’s highest mountain. The three-headed (Slovene “tri-glav”) giant dominates not just many a mountain view of the Julian Alps but also the coat of arms on the Slovene flag. As a visitor, you can climb it without any pressure of proving your national affiliation, but there are some particular tricks along the way that would do well with some guidance. That would mean taking one of the many Triglav Tours that include spending the night in mountain lodges, hut-hopping, experiencing exceptional views colored by the sunset and exploring life in Alpine lakes and valleys.

A classic, 2-day Triglav Tour means spending the day hiking to the top of the 2,864m summit to catch the sunset view and conclude with a dinner and a good night’s sleep at Planika lodge. Since part of the 24km trail takes you off the official track to avoid paths that can get quite crowded sometimes, a good level of fitness is required and professional guides lead you to have a thrilling but safe experience. If you haven’t yet gotten acquainted with Slovene beer that has a recognizable chamois on its label you’re likely to see the animal in its national habitat there first, which may get the beer to taste better afterward. 

For a longer trip, the Triglav Hut to Hut means hiking between two huts where you spend the night and taking in the glorious scenery on the way. This is better suited for beginners with a moderate level of fitness, where exercise is coupled with a fair number of selfie-stops and opportunities to breathe the healthy mountain air. On this trail, you’ll cover the highlights of the Triglav National Park such as the Seven Lakes Valley, as well as surrounding plateaus and a famous waterfall.

If your time-frame is a little shorter and you’re in for something quicker, the Triglav 7 Lakes Hike should do the trick. Quicker as in – you’re done for the day, which is what everyone deserves to say after an 8-hour hike. It might be weeks before the oxygen you’ve breathed in runs out though. And we all know what oxygen does for our body and beauty. No wonder Slovenes are so handsome!