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Finding a suitable house or apartment for buying or renting on a mid and long-term basis in Slovenia was not easy especially in the early 90’s. Long-term rental options, particularly outside the main tourist centers, were rare. Real estate market has changed significantly in recent years.

For newcomers to Slovenia, who decide to rent a business premise in Ljubljana foreign environment may cause some problems initially, but only until one acquires a basic understanding of the market. One of the agencies that help foreigners to rent an apartment in Slovenia and also provide diplomats and businessmen with several other services is Stoja Trade Real Estate AgencyStoja Trade’s official website has detail information on renting an apartment or business premise in Slovenia.

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Let your imagination free by building a property and get the best Slovenia building contractor, to realize your building plan. Take care to details by furnishing and don’t miss with chosing a professional from a list of Ljubljana architecture.

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Diplomatic & Corporate Services Slovenia is a service provided by Stoja Real Estate Agency to members of the international diplomatic, political, business and foreigner communities with a focus on Slovenia. Through various topics it helps you find all kinds of services. We make sure that you get the best service possible through very careful selection of companies.

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Products made with love in Slovenia

Products made with love in Slovenia