Slovenia placed among 10 best places to visit in Europe in 2021


Conde Nast Traveller has placed Slovenia on their list of 10 best places to visit in Europe in 2021.

Despite not knowing when or how we will be able to travel in 2021, Slovenia remains one of the top destinations to travel to in 2021, according to Conde Nast Traveller.

Slovenia as no. 1 place to visit in Europe in 2021

As 2020 slowly came to the end, the estimed travel magazine Conde Nast Traveller published an article of selected 10 best places to visit in Europe in 2021. Slovenia was placed on the first place as the best destination to visit in Europe in 2021.

Conde Nast Traveller wrote about Slovenia in their article: “It’s somewhat mind-boggling that Slovenia – tucked between old favourites Italy and Croatia – hasn’t been overrun already. After all, its turquoise rivers, glacier-fed lakes and soaring, snow-capped peaks are pretty enough to make even seen-it-all sorts weak at the knees. The country’s most famous landmark, Lake Bled, is more peaceful than any of Europe’s better-known lakes. But for now, at least, it remains blissfully unbusy; a place of wide-open spaces, splendid solace and restoratively pristine air.

Why Slovenia has to be on your travel bucket list in 2021?

Slovenia is considered as one of the safest as well as one of the cleanest countries in the world, therefore making it the perfect country to visit whether you are traveling solo or with your family. Slovenia is also being celebrated as the European Gastronomic region of 2021. So, if you are a foodie or a culinary enthusiast, Slovenia is “the place to visit in 2021”.

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