TOP 10 things to do while you are stuck in quarantine


How to make the most out of time spent in quarantine and what to do?

We can’t remember when was the last time we have had so much “free” time. Annoying as it is, lounging around at home does have its upsides – you can finally indulge in all those things you never have time for, whether it be taking a cooking masterclass, attending to your cracked heels or getting through that book you’ve been ignoring all year.

Despite this whole COVID-19 in Slovenia being kinda a negative situation, we are here to help you turn it into something slightly more positive. What to do with all this time and use it “wisely” is the real question? That’s why we decided to help you with this too. Find out which are our top 10 things to do while you are stuck in quarantine.

Catch up on your reading

Unplug the TV, hide the remote and get back to basics: get out a good book and lose yourself. When was the last time you read a book and which one was it? Let us know in the comments below!

Find out which are our favorite books to read while stuck in quarantine.

Watch a good movie … or two … three … maybe 4

Nobody is counting, right? If you’re dining solo this quarantine season, we suggest making an evening out of it and enjoying a good movie

There are so many good movies it is almost impossible to pick one to watch! Do you have any recommendations? Let us know and we will post them in our article.

No worries, we are here to help. We have come up with a list of top movies for you to watch while stuck in quarantine.

And for children, we also have a special list of movies to watch with your kids. Click here.

Learn to cook or improve your cooking skills

Unless you plan to live on takeout for the next couple of weeks, now’s the time to brush up on your cooking skills. Some of us just might come out of this quarantine as proper chefs.

With this in mind, we have collaborated with Mala Kuhna and launched a weekly recipe series with them. This week we are learning how to make  Panko-crusted salmon fillet with colorful vegetables. Get the recipe here.

If cooking is not your thing, then we suggest you check out which restaurants offer food delivery, here.

Play a game and win

Escape Room Enigmarium has prepared an online escape room game called “Island”. Each day (between 1pm and 3pm), you will receive one chapter by email, which you will unlock with the code from the previous chapter. The story is very tense!

Join the online escape room for free now! Click here.

Indulge in some spa time

Treat yo’ self!

There’s nothing a little spa time can’t help, global plague included. Decide what creams, oils or soaps are in order and proceed to abundantly schmear yourself all over. You’ll emerge out of the bathroom feeling cleaner, better and more relaxed.

We might just start a whole new skincare routine.

Learn something with webinars

This might be the perfect time for you to learn a new skill or two. Many companies are preparing and organizing webinars.

Join our webinar this Thursday! Apply here!

Listen to music

Music makes us all feel better about life, right?

Play your favorite tunes out loud! But not too loud, we don’t want our neighbor to call the police. We would love to know what are your favorite songs during the quarantine. Let us know in the comments below and we might just post a proper playlist with your help!

There are also plenty of online concerts organized and streamed every day.

Sadly many festivals around the world are being canceled due to COVID-19, check out if yours is on the list, here.

Walkthrough exhibitions online

Many museums, galleries and other cultural establishments across the world were forced to close their doors.

In Slovenia, you can currently explore the exhibitions of Cankarjev dom. Click here and start exploring.

Work out in the comfort of your home

Just a little clarification … We don’t mean you lay on the couch the entire day. There is a million of workout videos online just waiting for you to try them out!

Do you like yoga? We recommend you do sun salutations with Adrienne.

Among the YouTube favorite is also POPSUGAR Fitness with a wide … and we do mean wide variety of workouts for all tastes. From HIIT, yoga,and pilates to Zumba and more.

Binge on your favorite TV show

There’s nothing like quarantine to indulge in a small TV binge – after all, it’s not as if you can do much else. Which shows will you binge-watch this week? Let us know in the comments below!

Maybe a rewatch of Game of Thrones … ?

BONUS IDEA: Learn Slovenian

Start learning Slovenian while in quarantine. That way you will be ready for your upcoming trip to Slovenia when the quarantine is lifted.

Slovenian language is special, to say the least. Learn more about it here.

Want to curse in Slovenian language (not that we encourage this kind of behavior), but Slovenian language has funny curse words which usually make no sense. With them, you probably won’t really offend anyone. Check out the funniest Slovenian curse words, here.