Top 10 Adventures in Slovenia


Do you seek adventure on your travel? Do you like exploring and trying out new things while visiting a new country? If the answer is yes, then we got something for you. Visit Slovenia and discover the top 10 adventures in Slovenia with us!

From adrenaline-filled Slovenian adventures to more mellow outdoor activities, Slovenia has you covered in the adventure department.

1. Canyoning in Slovenia

We are starting our list of top adventures in Slovenia with the most adrenaline-filled activity – canyoning. This top adventure in Slovenia will get your blood pumping for at least a few hours. Explore the beautiful and clear waters while canyoning in Slovenia.

Jump over small waterfalls while canyoning in Slovenia here …

2. Kayaking in Slovenia

Next on our list of top adventures in Slovenia is kayaking. Whether you are experienced or not, Slovenia has many rivers where everyone can go kayaking based on their experience. From kayaking on wild River Soča to more calm waters of Krka River or on Lake Bohinj.

Grab your kayak and paddle out here …

3. Visit the top bike parks in Slovenia

Third, on our list of top adventures in Slovenia is a visit to the top bike parks in Slovenia. Bike parks in Slovenia are scattered across the whole country, all the way from Goričko to Izola. Slovenia is known as a bikers paradise with many biking trails and pump tracks.

Visit Slovenian bike parks here …

top bike parks Slovenia

4. Explore the beautiful mountains on top Slovenian hiking trails

Next on our list of top adventures in Slovenia requires you to be in good shape and have decent footwear. Slovenia is well known as a hiking destination with more than 10,000 kilometers of marked hiking trails across the country. Spend your next vacation in Slovenia and explore the top Slovenian hiking trails, as they will leave you breathless with the stunning nature, which will surround you on every step of the way.

Discover the top Slovenian hiking trails here …

5. Get a nice massage in Slovenia

Last but not least, on our list of top adventures in Slovenia is a bit different than the previous ones. After all the adrenaline-filled adventures in Slovenia, we thought you might want something to calm down and unwind for a bit. Getting a massage in Slovenia is a perfect way to relax after a long day at work or after exploring the country. Perhaps getting a massage is not considered that adventures, but in some massage places in Slovenia, it can be … We will leave you to your imagination on that one. So, whether you are looking for an adventure in Slovenia or just want to get a peace of mind getting a massage is a great idea.

Here are the top 10 massage places in Slovenia to help you unwind …

6. Glamping in Slovenia

Number 6 on our list of top adventures in Slovenia is glamping! Camping is so last season. Forget your tent at home and opt for an amazing adventure in one of the top Slovenian glamping resorts. Glamping resorts in Slovenia are top of the top, to say the least. They provide you with nice tents or smaller houses where you can stay the night, and many of the Slovenian glamping resorts offer you other fun activities, such as cooking courses, horseback riding, cycling, and so on.

Book your stay at one of the top Slovenian Glamping resorts here …

7. Taste the best Slovenian wine

One could say this could also turn into an adventure. Wouldn’t you agree? Taste the best Slovenian wines or go wine tasting in Slovenia! Wine experiences are one of our top adventures in Slovenia or at least they could be, without the drinking and driving part. Please don’t get behind the wheel if you had a few glasses. While Slovenia produces a wide variety of world-class wines, the Slovenian wine regions also offer a number of unique experiences to be had in addition to tasting the stuff.

Explore the top wine experiences in Slovenia …

8. Try the traditional Slovenian dishes

Next on our list of top adventures in Slovenia is trading out the traditional Slovenian dishes. A true Slovenian adventure for your taste buds! From Kranjska klobasa to štruklji and everything in between. Sounds tasty, right? We are getting hungry just by thinking about it!

Taste Slovenian dishes here …

9. Go standup paddling in Slovenia

Once you get some food into your system, we are ready to hop on the next adventure in Slovenia. Number 9 top adventure in Slovenia is standup paddling. SUP or standup paddling has become really popular in Slovenia. Not to mention Slovenia is home to one of the best standup paddler in the world – Manca Notar.

Grab your SUP in Slovenia here …

ljubljana capital of slovenia

10. Explore Slovenian castles like a true royal

Perhaps a little less adventurous trip, but if you have a lot of imagination, a visit to Slovenian castles can be one of the top adventures in Slovenia. Did you know there are over 500 castles in Slovenia? How much time would it take you to explore all 500 castles in Slovenia? Now that would have been a top adventure in Slovenia. Jokes aside … Not all castles in Slovenia are actually open for business or better said for the public. That’s why we have prepared a list of the top castles in Slovenia, which you have to visit on your next trip.

Explore the best castles in Slovenia here …

top slovenia caslte