New shopping center in Ljubljana – Aleja


In less than a month, a new shopping center will open its doors in Ljubljana.

The new shopping center in Ljubljana – Šiška is named Aleja, and its special feature will be a facade that mimics dragon husks and a green roof with a treadmill, a multipurpose playground and fitness equipment.

The 150 million euros worth investment in Ljubljana will open its doors to Slovenian shoppers on March, 19th. Besides the amazing exterior feature which is an homage to the symbol of Ljubljana, will have a grass-covered roof, which extends to 6200 square meters. The rooftop will offer a running path, multi-purpose volleyball, basketball and football court, a fitness park and an outdoor playground. Under the roof of the mall, there will also be a 500-square-meter children’s playground for children over three years of age.

Two more cycling polygons with humps will complement the sports offer in front of the shopping center. The shorter track will be about 50 meters long and 125 meters longer. According to him, they will also take care of the riders. He announced that there would be 200 bike spaces in front of the center, half of which would be covered. This will be the largest covered bicycle parking area in Slovenia. Those who still prefer to come by car will have more than 1,600 parking spaces available, including 1,400 in a two-story car park below the center.


In the new shopping center in Ljubljana, there will be 80 stores located across two-stories. The brands which have secured their store space in the new shopping center are Müller, Big Bang, Hervis, Mass, S.Oliver, Black Label, Comma, SuperDry, Buzz, Sport Vision, XYZ, H&M, Tommy Hilfiger, Intimissimi, Calzedonia, Pandora, Mladinska knjiga, Baby Center, and many others.

Aleja is built after the classic shopping center style, therefore it will include a massive food court, where shoppers will be able to choose from both fast-food restaurants to those more high-end. The food court in the new shopping center in Ljubljana will be spread out across 2,300 square meters, while the best cafes will allocate 800 square meters in Aleja.

Source: Aleja