Untouched by Light – the world’s first sparkling wine made, sold and tasted in complete darkness


Untouched by Light made from the selected Chardonnay grapes

Research shows that the exposure of wine to daylight or artificial lighting results in light-struck aromas. For that reason Radgonske Gorice have turned to the dark side and started producing Untouched by Light made from the selected Chardonnay grapes by using the famous inside-the-bottle French fermentation method.


The wine ages in our caves, untouched by the outside world – in complete absence of light. We use night vison glasses during harvest, bottle rotation and packaging. Once out of the cave, the wine will be protected in a black lightproof bottle packed in a vacuum-sealed bag blocking any additional light or air contact.

We strongly recommend that you taste this wine in pitch darkness in good company, because best things happen in the dark.

Radgonske gorice


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Products made with love in Slovenia

Products made with love in Slovenia