The story behind the plate for The Slovenia Restaurant Awards 2020


Food and wine tourism are becoming the fastest-growing sector of the tourism industry, both around the world and in Slovenia. The increasing demand from tourists for reviews of Slovenian restaurants in foreign languages, and the fact that these reviews are a rarity even in Slovene, made us realize that the process of reviewing Slovene restaurants must begin as soon as possible.

Thus, in early autumn 2016, we started the project with the help from some Slovenian eno-gastronomy, folklore and tourism experts. Now each year we organize an event, where we reveal all the best restaurants in Slovenia. Carrying out a professional, independent and national selection of the best Slovenian restaurants is a project that has been maturing for quite some time and is now in its 4th year of running.

The story behind the plate

The stunning plate was prepared by the head chef of the restaurant Dam, Uroš Fakuč. On the plate, we can see a stunning layout of freshly caught octopus flavored with homegrown rosemary, sweet potato soup, crispy cuttlefish, seaweed and plankton.

The inspiration behind the plate is a spring walk on the beach. Nothing soothes the soul like a walk on the beach.

The author of the photograph is the amazingly talented Slovenian photographer, Dean Dubokovič. The photograph of the plate will represent this year’s promotional visuals and communications for The Slovenian Restaurant Awards 2020.

We choose this photograph in support of the Slovenian gastronomy, culinary and its many talented chefs.

Chef Uroš Fakuč (on the left), photographer Dean Dubokovič (on the right)