Top Slovenia Interview: Radomir Stojanovič


Ljubljana’s top wine event organiser

Radomir is the man behind several of the most notable wine events in Slovenia, including the Slovenian Wine Festival and the Ljubljana Wine Route, whose aim is to raise the drinking culture, promote quality wines, winemakers and cuisine, and make Slovenian products more widely known both at home and abroad.

What makes Slovenia an excellent destination for wine enthusiasts?

There are many aspects of Slovenia that make it the perfect destination for wine enthusiasts. Of course it all starts with the many excellent Slovenian wines, but what really sets it apart from many other wine countries is the friendliness and openness of the of the local winemakers, and then there is the excellent Slovenian cuisine that almost always accompanies the wine.

What is your favourite part of wine events?

Organising such large events requires a tremendous amount of effort and dedication, but my favourite part of them is simply seeing the smiling faces and enjoyment of both visitors and winemakers. Drinking wine should is always a celebration of sorts.

And what is the most demanding part of organising events?

The most demanding or challenging part is probably having to convince some winemakers that the event in question is an appropriate and worthwhile forum for the promotion of their wine. And then there are the logistics of the event, which can also be quite demanding.

What role do wine events play in promoting Slovenia as a wine destination?

Over the last two decades, the Slovenian Wine Festival and the Ljubljana Wine Route have both greatly contributed to raising the overall wine culture culture in Slovenia, both amongst locals as well as visitors from abroad. All of the most distinguished Slovenian winemakers present themselves at the events, which shows the diversity of Slovenian wines. And bringing all of these excellent wines together in one place really shows what an amazing and varied wine destination the country is.

How do events in Ljubljana differ from others in Slovenia?

Actually, nowadays there are not all that different. While we were the first in Slovenia to launch these types of events, in recent years others have followed our lead and developed similar events based on our model, so we’ve had to respond by becoming much more innovative and offering something new every year. Certainly we are the largest in terms of the number of winemakers and wines presented.

Which of your events is your favourite? And why?

For a long time, the Slovenian Wine Festival has been my number one choice. However, the Salon of Sparkling Wines should also be highlighted. It tends to attract a certain type of visitor, namely, those who both have a high level of knowledge and know exactly what they want.

How has the taste of the public changed in recent years?

I’ve noticed that in recent years the public has become increasingly discerning and demanding when it comes to wine, which at the end of the day is a good thing for Slovenian winemakers, because it is one factor helping to raise the overall quality. Along with this, knowledge of wine amongst the general public has also greatly increase, and with this also their expectations.

What is the connection between good food and good wine?

I like to say that good always goes well with good. And this is shown by the fact that top-class restaurants also offer top quality wines, as they know that wine can compliment food and vice versa, taking the entire dining experience to a higher level. But of course it’s also true that every individual has their personal taste.

Any favourite events outside of Ljubljana?

If we’re talking in terms of the wines that are presented, my favourites would be the Orange Wine Festival in Izola and the Malvazija Festival. However, if I am judging based on the atmosphere and organization, the Traminec Salon in Radenci. Outside of Slovenia, I would say that the most beautiful for me is the Merano Wine Festival, which was actually where I got the inspiration to develop the Slovenian Wine Festival.