Learner’s Mindset event on Clubhouse with Niko Slavnić


Niko Slavnić, CMO of HTEC Group, will join the CEO of the marketing agency Actuado, Jasna Suhadolc, on the newest social platform Clubhouse to discuss entrepreneurship, tourism, and creating a better future.

We kindly invite you to join Niko Slavnić and Jasna Suhadolc in a Clubhouse room for Fast Forward insights. Niko Slavnić will be discussing the topics of entrepreneurship, tourism, and creating a better future for yourself. Slavnić with over 30 years of experience in the field of entrepreneurship will be sharing his story with Jasna Suhadolc today at 8 pm (CET) on her popular Clubhouse show Learner’s Mindset. The conversation will be held on Clubhouse, an invite-only audio social platform, and is a part of the Learner’s Mindset club. If you need a Clubhouse invite (iPhone only). For more information on invites, click here.

Jasna Suhadolc will be talking to Niko Slavnić about lots of things: his careeer, learnings on the way, multiple hats he carries, entrepreneurship, angel investing, and last but not least: tourism, good wines and being a gourmet. A true representative of Learner’s Mindset.

About Niko Slavnić

Niko Slavnić is an MBA professor, serial entrepreneur, angel investor, keynote speaker that I’ve known for over 20 years when he was organizing concerts & events in the best club in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He is the founder and owner of a venture builder centre, IQbator, the first private business incubator in the SEE region operating since 2001. He is also the CEO and the founder of THE Slovenia International Publishing House, a long-time producer of Slovenia’s In Your Pocket branded guides. He is an accomplished MBA professor at IEDC Bled and also the CMO at HTEC.

For more information on invites, click here.