THE WEBINAR: Business. The BIG Five crises solutions


Shift happens! It ‘s time for resilience – with exponential growth. 

We have found our organizations & ourselves in the middle of the Coronavirus crisis, but how we react to it will define whether we come out of it as the winners or not. The attitude and search for solutions during the crisis are two of the most important things for small as well, as big companies or corporations. 

Is the crisis an obstacle for your business or an opportunity for further growth? Handling the crisis with correct solutions can give us the momentum to discover the true potential, to stimulate new opportunities or innovation and bring new ideas to life.

This webinar will teach us about the BIG Five levels of crisis solution based on five animals. 

What are the BIG five crisis solutions you might ask, well you will have to join us on Thursday April, 23 at 17.00 to find out!

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Keynote speaker

The webinar will be led by Niko Slavnič, professor and entrepreneur (IQbator, InYourPocket, The Slovenia etc.). Niko Slavnič has family and businesses across the SEE region, and started his career in a family business at the age of 16. Since then he has gone on to enjoy many years of entrepreneurial activities, developing various projects and organisations along the way. After a brief war experience following Slovenia’s independence, he spent several years working at the Ministry of Interior, which gave him a different perspective and the skill to perceive the world with open eyes. As the manager of one of the best nightclubs in Ljubljana, Niko frequently organised concerts and other events, later going on to graduate from programmes at Harvard Business School, the University of Amsterdam, IMTA and the University of Ljubljana, and he now regularly shares his knowledge and experience at IEDC Bled, ESSCA France and other business schools and conferences in more than 30 countries. This unique mixture of practical business experience and theoretical knowledge has not only made him a popular guest speaker, but has also proven useful in his consulting work with more than 60 dynamic companies. Niko was also a member of the management board at the Everet Group, now partner in different companies, author of a few books, and as a business angel investor he is constantly looking for new business opportunities. He has previously published books about venture capital, communication and marketing. 

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What will we learn at the webinar? 

  • What are the big five solutions for the crisis that we have found ourselves in?
  • How to swim and not sink in the crisis?
  • How to make the “i” effect?
  • How to react to the crisis?
  • Who will survive the crisis?
  • What is the world’s future shift? 
  • How to connect the world?
  • What is the future shift in the marketplace?
  • How to value innovation?
  • How will corporations change?
  • How will the shift in products happen?
  • How do we as individuals make the change?

You are also invited to contribute your questions.

When and where will the webinar take place?

Thursday, 23 April at 17.00, online. 

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