Top Slovenia Interview: Tjaša Deu


Tjaša Deu we could say you are one of the most successful YouTubers from Slovenia. When and how did you start your YouTube channel?

I created my channel in 2007, but I’ve started actively uploading in 2014. I loved filming short sketches with my friends and learnt how to edit videos early in my teenage years. There was something magnetic that pulled me to this (at the time new) platform. I started uploading and never looked back.

What do you think of Slovenian YouTube “scene”?

It has developed immensely over the past couple of years. More creators create more variety in content so almost anybody can find something for his or her taste! Even though there’s only 2 million people speaking Slovenian, the scene with domestic content is strong and quite isolated from the rest of the Balkan YouTube scene. I’m very proud of the fact that more and more Slovenian YouTubers are building business around their channels which enables them to have YouTube (and content creation) as a full-time job.

Which is your favorite YouTuber? Did he or she inspire you to start doing YouTube videos?

That’s a hard question to answer, my favorite YouTubers change as I change and grow through life. My first favorite YouTuber was SupaDupaFlyGirl, one of the OG YouTubers. I loved her positivity and outlook on life. Then my focus has shifted to UK based Zoella. Her Primark hauls completely enchanted me. Then I discovered MKBHD and his tech reviews. He definitely inspired me to start a Tech reviews channel. I even created a similar name: Kat4K – He’s HD and I’m 4K, get it? ? Currently I’m mostly following Jessica Neistadt, Tess Christine (both fashion, personal style YouTubers) and MI Gardener since I’ve taken on gardening last year.

What is the recipe for success on YouTube in your opinion and how to stand out from the huge YouTube crowd?

First, you must define what success on YouTube means for you. Is that a certain number of subscribers, one viral video, new customers for your business or a certain amount of passive income? With that in mind, we can then plan out different strategies how to achieve that.

To stand out in the YouTube crowd it’s important you make content that is true to you. As that cliché saying goes “Be you, everyone else is already taken.” And these exact personal traits and experiences are the things that will make your channel stand out. Focus quite narrow on the topic you want to cover and STAY CONSISTENT. Consistency is one of the biggest predictors of YouTube success. If you can consistently upload 2-4 videos a week for a year you’re almost guaranteed to succeed. If that’s not the case, you have to stand back and reevaluate your content, thumbnails, upload times and promotion activities. Over the years, I’ve transitioned into a YouTube strategist and channel evaluations are one of the most common services I do.

Since you also help people grow their YouTube channels, what advice would you give to people who want to start their own YouTube channel?

Have a crystal-clear reason why you want to create your YouTube channel. This will be your fuel through all the long hours of filming, editing, and looking at analytics that come with creating a successful YouTube channel.

How has YouTube changed over the years since you been present on their platform?

It went from a startup to the second biggest searched engine in the world, owned by the number one. With the size increase that brought along also more responsibility the platform has to take; therefore, the content guidelines are becoming more and more defined. Also, in the past two years or so I’m noticing they are working hard on innovations and catching up with emerging platforms like TikTok. They are working hard to stay the number one player in the video industry.

YouTube changed a lot over the last couple of years with new algorithms and monetization policies. What are the biggest challenges with running a YouTube channel?

I would say staying consistent. Consistent with your upload schedule and video quality – since they both must be on point always. If you go on a holiday, you must pre-record and schedule material to keep consistent. These are the things that take the biggest toll on your personal life.

We must imagine you have a lot of projects on the line. Can you share with our readers if you are working on anything exciting?

I’m preparing 2 new channels in 2021. They are emerging as collaborations with local experts from different expertise. One will be about YouTube channel growth and the other one will cover the topic of sustainable fashion. It’s a fun year ahead of me.

Since you are an entrepreneur by heart, not only a successful YouTuber, could you tell us if there is a project you are most proud of?

There was a couple, but I think that my “big hit” is still about to come. Stay tuned

Love took you from Slovenia to Montenegro, where you now live with your fiancé. What is the biggest difference between Slovenia and Montenegro?

I could talk for hours about the differences and similarities of these two ex-Yugoslav countries. For me, the biggest difference is the weather. I exchanged rainy, foggy Ljubljana days for scorching sun 240 days of the year.

What do you miss the most about Slovenia and do you ever see yourself moving back?

The highway. I love driving and traveling and the proximity of neighboring countries connected with the highway is something I miss most. We’ve never excluded moving back to Slovenia but that is not in our near-future plan. You never know what life brings your way.

What is the biggest lesson you learned in life?

First take care of yourself and your mental and physical health. Everything else can then be dealt with. But you and your self-worth should always be in the first place.

What is your motto in life?

No regrets.

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