TikTok’s Bold Glamour filter – the worst or the best filter?


TikTok’s newest viral beauty filter, “Bold Glamour,” has taken the platform by storm, with millions of users downloading and using it to enhance their appearance. The filter, which uses advanced artificial intelligence to create an idealized version of the user’s face, has divided opinions on the internet, with some praising it for its creativity and others criticizing it for promoting unrealistic beauty standards.

  • The “Bold Glamour” filter on TikTok has become very popular recently.
  • It has received both praise and criticism for its ability to simulate conventional beauty standards with remarkable accuracy.
  • However, for some users, the filter’s unrealistic appearance has highlighted how AI still struggles to accurately process “faces of color.”
TikToker Sophie Silva on Bold Glamour Filter

Have you heard of the newest TikTok beauty filter called Bold Glamour filter?

If you’re a TikTok user then the answer is most probably yes. This viral beauty filter that simulates conventionally attractive features and makeup techniques has been downloaded more than 16 million times and used in over 9 million videos with more than 355 million views. However, there are growing concerns about its impact on users’ mental health, especially for young girls. Studies have shown that filters like Bold Glamour can contribute to low self-esteem and even pressure to undergo cosmetic surgery. Critics also argue that the filter sets unrealistic beauty standards and promotes false advertising. There are also concerns that Bold Glamour goes against TikTok’s Effect Guidelines, which state that they do not promote content that could lead to harm or encourage participation in dangerous activities.

Tiktok Bold Glamour Filter Effect

Does the Bold Glamour filter work when you take the video off the platform?

The TikTok Glamour Filter is an AR filter that enhances the user’s facial features by smoothing out the skin, brightening the eyes, and adding a glow to the face. The filter uses facial recognition technology to identify the user’s facial features and applies the filter accordingly. When you take the TikTok Glamour Filter off the TikTok platform, the filter’s effects will no longer be visible. This is because the filter is designed to work within the TikTok app using the app’s AR technology.

What critics say about the Bold Glamour filter

The viral TikTok filter has been criticized for setting unrealistic beauty standards and potentially exacerbating mental health issues related to self-image. Using AI beauty filters like Bold Glamour can lead to negative body image, self-esteem issues, and a rise in narcissism. The seamless manipulation of the AI filters can be particularly dangerous because even if people know how it works, they are still exposed to images of looks that are impossible to achieve in real life, which can create an unhealthy dissatisfaction with one’s appearance.

TikToker Emily on Bold Glamour Filter

Some critics say that filters like Bold Glamour only serve to perpetuate harmful beauty standards and that users should embrace their natural beauty instead of striving for an unattainable ideal. Supporters on the other hand say that the filter allows them to express their creativity and boost their confidence. However it seems that the Bold Glamour filter has sparked a heated debate on the internet about beauty standards and some users claim that it promotes a narrow, unrealistic view of beauty and could harm users’ self-esteem. The filter has also been accused of contributing to the “perfect life” image often portrayed on social media, which can lead to feelings of inadequacy and anxiety among users. It seems that the new viral beauty filter is popular, but the risk of people not being being aware of the potential risks associated with its use still remains.

Does AI really struggle to accurately apply filter on faces of color?

The TikTok Bold Glamour Filter is said to be designed to work with all skin tones. The filter uses facial recognition technology to identify the user’s facial features and applies the filter accordingly. However users have reported that the filter does not work equally well with all skin tones, usually making the user’s skin appear lighter than it actually is. TikTok has stated that it is committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity on its platform, and that they are continually working to improve their AR filters to ensure they work well for all users, regardless of skin tone or other characteristics.

The “Bold Glamour” version of me on the left and my minimal “no makeup” face on the right. TikTok Lakshmi Varanasi

Bold Glamour – A fun thing to do or a harmful trend among youngsters?

The Bold Glamour filter on TikTok is undoubtedly a fun way to enhance one’s appearance, but it also sets harmful beauty standards and can contribute to negative body image and low self-esteem. However, the impact of the filter on a user’s mental health depends on the individual. Some users may not experience any negative effects, while others may be seriously affected. Research has shown that exposure to idealized images of beauty on social media can have a negative impact on younger users, who are often unaware of the potential risks. It is crucial to be mindful of the impact that social media can have on our mental health and well-being. Regardless of whether we choose to use filters like Bold Glamour or not, we should embrace our natural beauty, rather than trying to conform to an unrealistic ideal. Ultimately, true beauty lies in our individuality, and no filter can ever replicate that, don’t you agree?