The million-dollar homes purchased in Slovenia in 2022: Luka Dončić and Anže Kopitar among high profile buyers


The Slovenian real estate market has been booming in recent years, with the prices of residential properties steadily increasing. According to Finance’s list of the most expensive homes sold in Slovenia in 2022, the most expensive houses in the country were sold in Bled, Ljubljana, and on the coast, with the highest-priced estate being sold in Radomlje for just under four million euros. Interestingly, among the buyers of these luxurious properties were notable names from the sports and business worlds.

Luka Dončić is among the buyers of Slovenia’s most expensive homes in 2022

One of the most renowned names on the list of buyers was Slovenian basketball sensation, Luka Dončić. During 2022, Dončić decided to invest in two properties in his home country. One of them was a house in Zadobrova near Ljubljana, which he bought for almost two million euros. The 9,500 square meter property boasts a basketball court among its amenities, which isn’t really a surprise.

Another famous athlete who made it to the list of buyers was Anže Kopitar, a professional ice hockey player who currently plays for the Los Angeles Kings. Kopitar and his wife Ines purchased a house in Bled, located in the immediate vicinity of the picturesque Lake Bled. The property covers 709 square meters, and Kopitar paid 1.2 million euros for it.

The rise in real estate prices in Slovenia has been significant, with the prices of new residential houses increasing the most at 23.9 percent year-on-year. The prices of used apartments were 15.9 percent higher, while second-hand houses followed with a 15.3 percent increase.

These numbers indicate the growing demand for properties in Slovenia, which is attracting international buyers, including high-profile athletes and businesspeople. Nevertheless the country still offers comparatively lower prices than other popular destinations for luxury homes, such as New York, Los Angeles, and South Florida, where mansions selling for over $50 million continue to dominate the market.